<p>I emailed this one chick at 6:30 yesterday but she still hasn't responded. I just wanted to hang out with her on Sunday (not interested in relationship). Should I be worried that she doesn't want to hang out? Am I screwed because she hasn't responded? Sorry, for being so insecure.</p>

<p>thats the inherent nature of using emails; the person could just be actually busy, or just pretend to be. i think best way to ask is via phone/instant messaging/ in person when you can get a response immediately.</p>

<p>As a chick, I much, much prefer to be asked out in person. You might not have the whole relationship thing in mind, but she might have taken it that way and been seriously turned off.</p>

<p>Can't you talk to her in person and straighten this out?</p>

<p>people never answer emails.
email is the worst way to plan anything.</p>