Emailing USC Admissions Counselor

Hi, so I accidentally sent my low SAT score (1340) to USC along with my SAT subjects. I have a 35 ACT and I’m afraid sending this will hurt my higher ACT. I’ve already emailed the admissions office asking if the SAT will negatively affect me, but not my counselor yet. Should I email my admissions counselor “Please disregard the SAT score, it was accidentally sent. I would like you to just consider my ACT” or should I not email them?

Do NOT email them. You cannot tell them what to ignore or what to do. STOP. Do not do a thing. You are only guilty of being honest and transparent at this point. If you contact them telling them how to do their job and admitting you made a mistake, well, uh, the perception of you would be very different. Let’s leave it at that.

Ok I didn’t email my counselor, but a week earlier I sent the admissions office an email saying that I accidentally forwarded the score and asked them to remove it, and they said it could not be removed. I feel so stupid for emailing them, do you think it will hurt me that I emailed the admissions office?

Do you think I’m totally screwed?!? :frowning: i’m so mad at myself.

@otto12345 No not at all, they do not put “dummy marks” on anyone’s application just for making a mistake or asking a “silly” question. There are no bad questions, just don’t repeatedly try to “fix” something, let it go, truly it is not a big deal. These are nice people - they wouldn’t be in this type of job if not. They realize it is one of the most stressful times for students and they won’t hold it against you. You made a simple request and someone told you it couldn’t be done, that’s the end of that. That person won’t be evaluating your file and even if they were, your request is inconsequential. It was a simple email, not a panicked phone call. Don’t make yourself crazy over this - your record will do the talking. You are good. Try to relax and enjoy the holidays!