Emails about sending in SAT Scores

<p>I want to take the SATs one more time, in december (next month) but my colleges keep saying that is the only thing missing. I am doing no early action or early decision, so is it okay if i send them in as soon as the December scores are in?</p>

<p>Almost all colleges accept Dec test scores but there are a very small number that want testing completed earlier and thus I cannot conclude you are completely safe since you mention no college names. </p>

<p>On the other hand there are many that accept Dec scores that don't want you to wait until score comes out to order it sent; instead they want you to designate the college as one of your free sends (or otherwise as an automatic send) on the application for the test. In other words, you must send it without knowing what your score is. That results in the fastest possible delivery of the test score since CB very often actually sends the test score a day or two before you even get it on-line.</p>