Embry-Riddle Fall 2018 Admissions+Scholarship awards?


This is a thread for anyone applying for ERAU or anyone who’s going to apply.

SAT: 1340 (New version)
GPA: 3.4

-Several FRC Robotics competition plus captain for electrical team
-Stock Market Club plus treasurer and secretary
-Varsity Wrestling
-Working on PPL with 49 hours logged in the Cessna 172

I applied for Aeronautical Science
Result: Admitted

Grand total for my first year is going to be $52000 (Excluding flight costs)
Dean awarded me $8000
FAFSA award hasn’t come out yet

Haven’t decided if I’m going to attend yet. I also have admission from UND.

My son was admitted about a week ago.
SAT: 1390
GPA: 3.75 UW

A few days later he received a letter stating that he was offered $16,000 per year for something called the Presidential scholarship.

My son also received the Presidential Scholarship letter for $15,000 per year. This is the largest award he has been offered. Embry is in play for consideration.

Was the presidential scholarship awarded by Embry-Riddle or was it awarded by the US government?

It is from Embry-Riddle.

What are the criteria for the Presidential Scholarship?

Daughter was accepted a few weeks ago.
ACT 33
GPA 4.0 UW
Lots of EC
She received the Presidential Award $16,000 and the Women in Excellence Award $5,000.
She applied at the Prescott campus. She’s really at time this heavily into ME with a strong interest in Aeronautics.
We haven’t visited the campus yet

I believe that they have a sliding scale of Test Scores and GPA that they use to award the various scholarships that they offer. I cannot find on their website the details, but they showed a slide when we visited for a tour that showed how it worked.

I know you said Prescott but I visited the Daytona campus and it was phenomenal. Very good location and the dorms were very welcoming. Unfortunately, I’m probably gonna end up going to UND as ERAU is just too expensive even with the $8k award. Which is really a bummer since I really like Florida as opposed to North Dakota.
And congrats on getting the Presidential award!

How soon after accepted did your children receive the scholarship awards? My son was accepted a few days ago but nothing was in it about scholarships. The online calculator estimates he would receive $14k (one can dream, haha). We are out of state so we wouldn’t be eligible for any usual state grants either so it’s important.

GPA 3.5
SAT 1330
ACT 27
Also sent subject tests and is in AP math and science plus an engineering program at school.

@taxqueenla My son received the scholarship letter a few days after receiving the acceptance letter. Separate communications, but only a few days apart.

My son didn’t get his scholarship letter until about 10 days after his acceptance letter

Did anybody’s child get a letter about applying to their Honors program? Just wondering how hard it is to get accepted to that

@3boys4me My son received a letter saying that he should apply to the Honors Program. He is not going to apply because he intends to do ROTC and we decided it was not necessary and he should focus his efforts on grades and excelling in ROTC. When we talked to the chair of the Honors Program at their open house, they said some students do both, but we don’t see the need in my son’s case based on his goals.

My son was admitted back in October (1510 SAT, 4.0 GPA) then we got the letter about the President’s scholarship a few weeks later $16,000. Next he received the letter to join the Honors College.
Is that the total Financial Package or will we get another letter from the financial aid office?
Embry-Riddle is his first choice but he was just offered a FULL ride at New Jersey Institute of Technology!!!
I’m finding this very stressful-I want to decide and be done!!!

I wonder the same thing about the total financial offer. Nothing was sent to us with the net tuition numbers. My son was admitted mid-December and he received the Dean’s scholarship ($6,000/yr) in the mail a few days ago. I am not sure if he is to pay his $200 acceptance fee before the final figures with regard to financial aid are received. Based on our EFC, the Dean’s scholarship does not bring us close to that EFC figure.

My son received a statement the week before Christmas with the full financial aid package. It listed the Presidential Scholarship, Florida Access Grant and Florida Bright Futures awards. Total was $21k of the $45.6k of direct costs. They also offered a $5.5k loan, thanks a lot… So, it would be about $26k to attend including books.
For various reasons, ERAU has significantly moved down his pecking order and is not a real contender at this point.

We got the Presidential award letter as well, $13000, it came about 10 days after acceptance. Does anyone know what the CGPA requirement is to keep Presidential each year?

So - it looks like $20k is the best you can expect from merit and women’s scholarship thing - did anyone hear about financial aid? How much does flying time cost there (for those looking to be a pilot?) I do know of one Embry-Riddle student who dropped out of Prescott because she wasn’t getting much flying time. I’ve heard that Embry Riddle is probably the most expensive option out there for those interested in becoming a pilot. My question: is it worth it with $100k in debt for college plus maybe another $70k to $90K for flying time. Geeezzzz…that sounds like a med school bill to me!!!

@tripletmama Flying time is extremely expensive at ERAU. My son and I visited their open house (Daytona) several months back and talked with one of the flight instructors about their flight training. He said that it is usually $20-30k for a PPL and they average some ridiculously high number of flight hours (remember it being like 60-70) before attaining a PPL. By comparison, my son received his PPL with 43 flight hours and it cost about $12k including buying headset, insurance, physical exam, etc. The instructor acknowledged that they are expensive and even said that there are other options locally that would be much cheaper. Part of ERAU’s logic is that they are training professional pilots and so their methodology is more robust than what is required for a PPL.

ERAU’s website says that you should expect to spend $23-33k in years 1 and 2 (each) and $10-15k in year 3 to attain the commercial certs. Then they say that you can get paid to be one of their instructors after that.

If my son goes there next year (not likely) he would probably not do flight training through ERAU and would do any additional certs off campus.