Embyronic stem cell proposition

<p>Now that the amazing people of California have passed the proposition (which is the only good news that came out of this election), Do you think Stanford will be getting any of the grant money?</p>

<p>I'm not so fond of the proposition, actually. I just don't think that taxpayer money should go to something that so many people have moral objections to, especially in the context of the budget crisis. And yeah, I want to be a scientist, so that position is hard for me to take.</p>

<p>And as for the "amazing people of California," I'd say that the vote was more a result of Arnie and the mailers promising that CURES would come out of the research, which is something that you really can't say for sure...</p>

<p>But back to the original topic...
Here's something off the CA election website:
Establishes "California Institute for Regenerative Medicine" to regulate stem cell research and provide funding, through grants and loans, for such research and research facilities.</p>

<p>My guess is, at least some of those grants will go to Stanford researchers and research programs; I don't know if there's anything more specific about the direction of the money or not.</p>

<p>I think they will...Dr. Weissman from Stanford is such a big name in support of stem cell research and I think is quite influential. Some of the research they are doing is amazing so I think most definitely they will be in line for some of the funds. Hopefully, since son #1 who graduated from Stanford is in the medical research arena at UCSD they will get some of the funding also. :-)</p>

<p>I hope Stanford does. I will be applying next year and I am doing some work with adult stem cells at columbia and I want to continue with embryonic.</p>

<p>I read one analysis that was quite down on the idea. The writers take was that the funding would probably go to California companies that had already been rejected by venture capitalists. He judged that most of the money would end up being wasted, since it seemed unlikely that the bureaucrats doling out the funds would be able to outguess the VCs in picking winners.</p>

<p>It's only controversial because people choose to see anything involving embryos negatively. They don't want to acknowledge that abortions actually take place, which is why they ignore the logic - they're being thrown out anyway, why not use them to cure millions of living people?</p>