Emergency - SAT Scores going down the drain

<p>(Sighs) For the past 2 months I have been prepping for the SAT taking practice tests left and right, etc. with a tutor. (Original PSAT Score 180 - Target Score 2100) At the beginning of my preparation, I took the SAT section by section and scored at around 650 per section. However, over the past 2 weeks when I tried to tie them all together (full length test) I have been scoring lower than my original 1800 (PSAT score and 1st diagnostic test). I am quite flustered by my predicament. Do you guys have any advice (the test is on saturday)?
And please do not go ahead and tell me that the SAT isn't important.</p>

<p>Do more tests. You'll develop the mental endurance by doing so.</p>

<p>I have taken 5 practice tests over the past 2 weeks, all of them were either lower or the same as my original score.</p>

<p>I've spoken to a few CCers (Mifune) who suggested the possibility of mental lethargy or over study. Do you feel like your brain is sluggish/ Do you start to resent studying more and more?</p>

<p>If so maybe take a break.</p>

<p>P.S If you aren't already, review all your answers! Right or Wrong!</p>

<p>I think my biggest problem is timing. On one of the more recent tests, I got every question that I did right. However, I skipped way too many questions.</p>

<p>Stop doing tests and take a break. 5 tests in 2 weeks will definitely cause mental sluggishness.</p>

<p>Yeah, that's too many. Choose a date for your official SAT, and do one a week up until that date. I must have taken 25 practice SATs, so that's about half a year.</p>

<p>Also, don't just take the tests. Repeatedly assessing yourself has no use. You should spend the same amount of time reviewing what you got right and why, and what you got wrong and why. Your lack of improvement shows me that you are not truly learning from your mistakes. After I took any test, I would write out a brief paragraph in the margins of every wrong question, explaining what I did wrong - this helped me dramatically improve my score (as well as developing my own system of attack).</p>

<p>Same thing is happening to me...I've taken like 4 CR tests in the past few days. </p>

<p>BB #3: 720 BB #4 740 then BB #5 650 then today BB #6 640 :(</p>

<p>this sucks, plain and simple.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice. I'll probably take only one practice test before Saturday and will review my previous exams. I don't feel sluggish and I don't resent studying, but I probably put too much pressure on myself to do good.</p>

<p>thebep- if your main concern is timing, then you might consider changing the strategy with which you approach the sections.. Trust me, changing the strategy in the last few days is NOT a bad idea! :) Old strategy I lost 5 points on ONE SINGLE PASSAGE as I couldn't attempt all questions, new strategy I scored full on the passage with same number of questions!</p>

<p>take only tests from collegeboard!</p>