Emerging Scholars Program?

<p>I received an email from Dr. Webb inviting me to join the Emerging Scholars Program (here's a link to it: Emerging</a> Scholars Program - The University of Alabama ). Is anyone familiar with the program?</p>

<p>It seems like something that would interest me, but my fall schedule is already pretty hectic so I'm wary of making any more time commitments.</p>


<p>The Emerging Scholars Program is something that has never been well-advertised. From what little I've heard about it, it is primarily a freshman research program (think CBHP without the computer courses and the research is done freshman year). Dr. Sharpe (Honors College Dean/CBHP Director/MIS Professor/Pharmacist/Marathon Runner/etc.) was the former head of the Emerging Scholars Program and the linked website uses the CBHP/Honors College format.</p>

<p>I would recommend participating in this program, especially if you are interested in research. It is an honor to be recruited to participate in this program.</p>

<p>My son was also invited to apply to this program. His scheduled is also pretty full with classes and he will be in the marching band. Even though band is technically a 1 credit class, they meet everyday for 1.5 hours in the afternoon. I would be curious about comments from folks in the know on this program.</p>

<p>Is this the program with the big emphasis on economics? DS was also invited into it (by snail-mail), but he isn't interested in economics per se, so it would make no sense to him. Thanks for the reminder, though -- he needs to decline gracefully, with thanks for the offer, etc.</p>

<p>Lady D- </p>

<p>I think that is something different. I think you may be referring to the university scholars program for econ/finance. My son was also invited to consider that but he is an engineering major. We figured his name got put on the wrong list. The emerging scholars is something you apply to and you start in freshman year. Check out the lin above. As you mention, the econ program came snail mail but the one being referred to here can email.</p>

<p>I know it is confusing!</p>

<p>No, the program is very open to all kinds of majors. If you look at some of the projects that students have done, they represent a variety of schools and faculty advisers.</p>

<p>1.5 hours every day first semester? That seems like a lot. I don't know how you would fit that into an already booked fall semester. When I went to the site it said something like- later in fall semester you will start... and then it would become more of a commitment second semester.</p>

<p>I think they meant that band practice is every day for 1.5 hours, not the ES program.</p>

<p>Tx, it looked like a good option for S since he didn't get into CBHP but 1.5 hours per day wasn't going to happen. Anyone know what the time commitment is first semester?</p>

<p>My son was not in the Emerging Scholars Program but he has done research since his first semester. However, this research keeps him extremely busy. He puts in many, many hours a week. Sometimes experiments and (or animals) need care around the clock (even weekends) and you need to make arrangements to cover all your required hours. I have sometimes spoken to him at 2 AM (at the lab). This is in addition to having a full day of classes. </p>

<p>Research can take time away from other activities (and even study) and is a true commitment. However, it is a true investment of time for some highly motivated students. It just depends on where your passion lies and how well you can juggle a full schedule. There are probably some labs where the time commitment is not so extensive, so ask questions and see how this research will fit into your schedule. Talk to the professor in charge and ask questions.</p>

<p>From what I have observed it is a worthwhile experience, but not for everyone. It will depend on what experiences you are looking for.</p>

<p>On the FAQ portion of the site they said, "The time commitment varies during different stages of projects, but students will typically spend six to twelve hours per week engaged in various project related activities."</p>

<p>So even though it's a 1 credit course it sounds like it takes up quite a bit of time outside of class, which is to be expected.</p>

<p>Idinct- </p>

<p>Hokiefan here. The 1.5 hours I was referring to was for marching band practice not ES. The band rehearses everyday from 4- 5:30. The time frame really impacts labs, late classes etc. And than there are the Saturday practices before the football games. My son really enjoys music and band, I just hope he can keep his head above the water with his engineering schedule. He is good with time mangement so we shall see.</p>

<p>Back on track. I looked at the projects the students had done and they are really interesting. I come from a science research background so this excites me. Not so sure about my son. I think I'll get my son to email the person in charge and ask some questions. Good luck to all. Just a few short weeks to go.</p>

<p>Can someone explain the difference or compare between Emerging Scholars and the projects / time commitment and CBHP. Are the opportunities similar?</p>


<p>From what the site says and what a friend currently in CBH told me, it's very similar, but without all the computer stuff. You really start research in CBH your second year though.</p>

<p>Also, I'm wondering: Is it possible to do both ES and CBH? I'm already in CBH and I applied to ES but both seem to come with significant time commitments.</p>

<p>My son is considering applying. Since he was invited to participate, is that a guarantee of acceptance or is it competitive? I'm not sure he needs a time commitment in addition to a full semester of classes, but it will ultimately be up to him.</p>

<p>It says that those who do not qualify for work study will be awarded a scholarship upon acceptance. Does anyone know how much this scholarship is? I couldn't find that information anywhere.</p>

<p>The</a> University of Alabama Emerging Scholars Program</p>

<p>If its compared to W/S, that can be about $2k per year. But, I don't know what ESP gives.</p>

<p>hokiefan -- thanks for the clarification. Yep, you are correct...and yes, it is confusing, LOL!</p>

<p>So...DS could perhaps apply to this ES program? I'm a little worried about the time commitment, though. Yipes.</p>

<p>He has been doing a ton of research on his own in medieval Irish history, of all things -- especially social history and legal history (the Brehon Laws). I wonder whether that's the sort of thing one could do via this ES program? Again, though, I'm worried about the time commitment. He's already carrying 16 credits.</p>

<p>BTW, does anyone know who teaches the Survey of Irish History (HY 390, I believe), which is offered in spring semester of every year? We tried to find out via the faculty listing at the UA History Department website, but there was no indication.</p>

<p>WOW--DS was invited to participate in this thang. I didn't even know it. Kid tells me nothing, LOL.</p>