Emerson, ASU, Mizzou?

Need advice, ideally from students/alumni of Emerson, ASU, and Mizzou. Tell me about your honest experiences with these schools and their journalism programs! Pros/cons, favorites, least favorites, anything will help!

I am pursuing an undergraduate degree in journalism/mass communications. I’ve recently been accepted to Emerson College, Arizona State University, and the University of Missouri (yay!) – all great journalism schools with nationally recognized programs. I’m not too picky about where I will go, I like the idea of studying in a city or a traditional campus.

Let me know your thoughts below! Thanks a bunch.

I’ve heard great things about Emerson

What is your ethnicity? Asking for a reason. Some non-whites find living in central MO an issue at Mizzou. The people at the university and town are great, but some of the surrounding areas have some quite closed-minded people. Most of the people are from KC, STL and are therefore open-minded and diverse like those cities, but SOME (not all by any standard) of the more rural student base are not the greatest.

I have a friend going to ASU for journalism and so far, she’s loved all of her professors and classes.