Emerson College Early Action / Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission

Daughter deferred at Chapman Creative Producing, she was devastated. It happened when we were just finishing the visit. Awaiting Ithaca, DePaul, BU, UCLA, USC but if she was deferred from Chapman I have low hopes about the last 3 ones. More and more I think a gap year would be a better decision, reapplying with different profile and accomplishements next year. You are right, applying to film schools is sooooooo hard. Congrats to all of those students who are engaged in this process. And good luck.

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And I wanted to add that the reason I’m saying that it’s because ny oldest 2 kids who went to Emerson, found it very easy academically, a lot more than the school and program my daughter is following now. Same comment regarding USC film studies program. The student we talked to said that she finds the classes easier than the high school where she comes from (same as ours). So what’s the point being so demanding after 12 grade and then making it easier ?

Some news from Emerson if you applied EA and are still waiting for FA package, especially if you received no merit ! They started to send those packages and are continuing, so it should be here soon. Are there some students here who already received their FA info? What’s the temperature here ? I keep reading on Forums that Emerson is not really generous. Frankly, it really depends on who and why. They advise to appeal if we are not satisfied!
Emerson was DD’s 1st choice but she received acceptance with generous merit from DePaul and Ithaca so Emerson went down on the list. It will all depend on their FA package.

My daughter was offered the Trailblazer scholarship- $15k reoccurring annually. Will help with room/board, but if she decides on Emerson, we will appeal for more.

We received today the Financial Aid package : 18 000 grant and 8000 fed loans for a total of 26 000. Not bad but not enough. I think the strategy would be to have them reconsider their merit scholarship and add this need based to a merit. But if I understand well, when you receive merit, you have less in need based. The grant for example is a gift. It’s given by the FA department and not by the admissions, but still, it comes from the school. One solution could be living off campus, but they could lower their grant in this case. Anyway, we can appeal, but I doubt they will add now a merit to this FA package. Discussion I’ll have with our counselor…

We received the $20k/year aspire scholarship and the $30k/year honors scholarship, but even with the gift aid, the total cost still turned out to be about $26k. A generous amount, but still not enough compared to other offers and what we can afford, which moved Emerson down on our list as well.

Thank you so much for your answer. It still shows that Emerson can be more generous than I thought, even if it is not enough in our eyes. May I ask what your stats were and what the others schools/ offers were? My D received 24.500 from DePaul and 29.000 from Ithaca, as merit scholarships so we hope there will be more with the need based. Which program did you apply for if I may ask? Once again, thank you, it helps a lot, especialy to determine if a school wants you or not. For our D, Emerson is not very fond of her profile, this is her conclusion. We are teachers, so our revenues are not that high that we can afford to pay what Emerson asks.

I’m glad you appreciate it! I’m sure your D probably appreciates the effort you put into helping them have the best college education. I applied for the media arts production program. I have a 4.82/4.0 weighted/unweighted GPA, a 33 ACT/1460 SAT, and quite a few ECs with a focus on theatre, but not a ton of leadership positions. I received a full ride to the University of Alabama and University of Tulsa, and a full tuition scholarship to Fordham which has moved toward the top of my list. I entirely understand your financial situation. My dad is a retail employee and my mom is a tutor, so it is definitely a struggle to afford college in general, let alone the high cost of moving to Emerson (I live far away). I hope this might have helped you consider Emerson’s commitment to provide your child with the best education. That is super important! I would still argue that Emerson was pretty fond of her application because she got in. But the other offers from DePaul and Ithaca are a lot better, and they are still good schools, so if your D wants to attend to them, I would definitely recommend them. I wish you the best!

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Thank you so much. Your stats are a lot better than my D’s, and justify the offer from Emerson. She has a 3.7 or 3.8 GPA, IB program, 1360 SAT. She leads a club film this year and is focused on theater too, and sports. Nothing stellar but we were surprised that she did not receive any merit scholarship, even a small one. I heard Fordham is a good university. Yes, the usual advice is love the university that loves you. We will try to appeal the financial aid from Emerson, but it looks like it will be between Ithaca and DePaul. We’ll see. Good luck with your journey.

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Is anyone going to the February 11th accepted studients event ? I only know the date but have no info on their program. We just finished the DePaul’s one and it was awesome.

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We will be there. We have never seen the school so excited to see it. For anyone who knows the school, what should we do in the evening after the event (which ends at 4 PM)

Boston Common and Boston Public Garden are two nice parks, Newbury street is popular.

Is anyone else going to be taking part in the Overnight Perspectives Program Feb 9-11th?

No Overnight for us, only the 11th : Picture Yourself at Emerson.

Happy to go the 11th but worried about the dead student found in the Little Building one week ago. I didn’t tell my D to not influence her decision, but it’s always worrying when a student passed away on the premises of a university.

Wow, I had no idea that this happened. This kind of worries me since I’ll be staying overnight, but I will try not to let this influence my decision, as it seems that the death is not directly related to Emerson itself. Thank you for the information.

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For those who are going to the event this Satruday and /or this weekend, please let us know what you think. We went to DePaul’s one, one week ago and it was interesting to hear what people were saying. It was also funny because a lot of persons were talking about Emerson and Chapman.

Any insight/thoughts from DePaul that you can share?

My husband and I loved DePaul, for many reasons: flexibility in the programs (even if you apply to production you can change to screenwriting or something else, I think the first two years, they understand that you can change your mind: they also had someone who was in health science and asked to transfer to film because the student’ s pitch was accepted to HBO or another chanel, don’t remember, and they were there to help this student enter the fim program) ; so many majors to choose from ; very well known for their theater program so good actors to work with ; facilities were great, especialy professional studios where you can work and where you take classes: Cinemaspace ; the 4+1 for the master ; location is wonderful, who doesn’t love Chicago and the Loop, people are very kind. But, our daughter is still not sure she would prefer to go there instead of Ithaca or Emerson. So we wait. Emerson was not generous enough so we’ll see what happens until April 1st.

Can I ask what her resume was for the CP major at Chapman? Like what activities and things she had done that she thought she would get accepted? My son is interested in it but can’t find anyone willing to share what accomplishments they had listed. Appreciate any info. Thank you!