Emerson - Too gay?

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Honestly, Emerson is a terrific school. But if your son feels this way, there are about 3000 other colleges from which to choose. He needs to be advised that all colleges have both straight and gay students.

You know the strange thing about schools that are LGBT-friendly? They tend to be Str8-friendly, too. :smiley:

@skieurope - Completely understand and I am not trying to ruffle any feathers. It was something that he noticed when we visited and from what he has heard. He just wants to make sure that were ever he goes he feels comfortable and at home.

My daughter is there now. Yes, she has a few gay male friends. She has more straight male friends. Any school with fine arts programs is bound to have a diverse student body, plus…you are in Boston. There are all types to be met, and such diversity is a good thing! Based on my daughter’s experience and the friends she’s made, your son shouldn’t worry…there are plenty of heterosexual guys. Moreso than gay ones in my daughter’s social circles.

Ralph Waldo Emerson had two wives and multiple children. However, he did have a homosexual relationship with Henry David Thoreau. So, if the college is named after him, maybe that can provide somewhat of a guide. He was also anti-slavery at a time when that view was not popular. He is also considered one of the most brilliant writers ever.

I have apparently hit a nerve. Relax people! I was not trying to be offensive but merely get an idea of the true demographics and if any current students could share their feelings.

@JBSeattle - FYI: Emerson was not named after Ralph Waldo Emerson. It was actually named after Charles Wesley Emerson, its founding president.

have you thought of asking someone at the college directly?

@mikeymike44 - Thank you. When we revisit for accepted students, we will talk to different people. I just thought that I’d try to get some feedback via CC.

Thank you for educating me, I guess i just made an assumption.

Uh, no.

Someone needs to lay off the slash fiction. :smiley:

The school was not named for Ralph Waldo Emerson.You’re son will like it and being in Boston and will make his friends while dining next door to Emerson; Boston’s Chinatown.They have an amazing program with their new Parisian partner and a magnificent program in a Holland on their own magnificent campus. Add to that a backdrop of Boston and the new Theatre, etc.

You may not have been trying to be “offensive”, but you were. Following up with, “Relax people!” doubles down on the offense.

If your son is homophobic he will be offended by gay people wherever he goes to college and he should get over it. If he is not homophobic, then why is this an issue?

Imagine if your original post had expressed concern about the presence of “asians” or “Blacks” or even “Democrats” or “Republicans”?

If your putatively “straight” son is uncomfortable amongst gay people, perhaps that is the issue to be addressed.

Think about it.

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I don’t really understand the question, as a straight female I couldn’t care less about the sexuality of my male and female friends, it doesn’t affect me. My oldest son is straight, his roommate freshman year was gay, made no difference to him. Now, if his roommate was a republican…(jjk)