Emerson- What are my chances?

<p>I'm really nervous about applications this Fall because Emerson has been my #1 choice for so long. I'm applying to the Writing, Literature, and Publishing program. Please be honest! Right now these are my credentials:</p>

<p>600 SAT Math
660 SAT Writing
640 SAT Reading
1900 Total</p>

<p>3.2955 High School GPA (on a 4.0 scale)
I have never taken a class that isn't honors or above, and I have been in 5 AP classes since freshman year (AP World [3], AP US History [4], AP Psychology [4], AP English [5], AP Art History [1])</p>

<p>My essays are already started and I love writing so I assume they'll be good. Teacher recs will be good as well, I have a great bond with my teachers.</p>

<p>I'm Copy Editor (2nd in command) for the school's newspaper, and I've been in it for two years. I have been Historian, Vice President, and President of my chapter in BBYO, my youth group, as well as held many positions on the Regional and International level of the organization. This summer I'm attending Emerson's Creative Writer's Studio program.</p>

<p>Please be honest! Thank you and good luck everyone :)</p>

<p>Well I can tell you that you have slightly better SAT's than my D but her GPA was a 3.53 and she was waitlisted this year from Emerson's Writing for Film and Television. Her older sister will be a senior at Emerson too and that did not help at all.
I wish you good luck...it is a wonderful school. My younger D was very disappointed and my older D absolutely loves the school.</p>

<p>Thank you so much! I actually have no clue which GPA colleges look at, so I've just been using the lowest ones. This is what my school's Graduation Information says:</p>

<pre><code> Class Ranking: 49 out of 638

Cumulative GPA: 3.2955
Academic Core GPA: 3.6944
Weighted Cumul. GPA: 4.5455