Eminence Fellows

Has anyone received any notification regarding the Eminence Fellows program? I applied for the program, but have not heard back even though they said that the decisions would come out in early January.

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My daughter applied and she hasn’t heard back yet either. The waiting is tough!

Have not heard either. I would think very soon!

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Do you guys know if they contact you if you don’t make the cut?

No idea but wondering that too (and also when decisions will come out!)

I called their office and they said the decisions had not went out yet because the reviewers were waiting on honors decisions to be complete since being in honors is a requirement for the program. Therefore, since honors decisions came out last night, I would think they will come out sometime this coming week.


How do you know if you made honors? Is there a way to check on their portal or do they send you an email?

They sent an email out at like 11 pm Friday night about it.

I just got an email saying I’m a finalist!!


Congrats! When is the interview weekend?

They scheduled my individual interview for next week, and the finalist weekend is still the first weekend of March. I’m unfamiliar with how it has worked in previous years; are interviews normally during that finalist weekend?

My daughter was just rejected for Eminence Fellows. Good luck to everyone moving forward!

I was just selected as a finalist! Excited for the next phase

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Congratulations! My daughter is still waiting for any notification. Funny how they come out so slowly.

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My daughter was selected as a finalist! Interview a week from tomorrow.


that’s interesting that the notifications didn’t all come out at once? does this mean anything?

I think this is how it worked for regular notifications too. They came rolling (some months apart).

My daughter never received her first email. She got a second one asking to schedule her interview. She has asked for the first one again (and checked all spam and other folders) but doesn’t have it yet. Is there information in it that she needs (and she’ll ask again)? Or was it just a general email notifying of finalist status?

Is anyone that applied to Morrill heard back?

My kid got the Morrill last Friday.


Are they still sending out notifications? I didn’t get a rejection or acceptance yet (or do they not send out notifications for rejections?)