Emory Early Decision

<p>what do you guys think is the chance for ED 1</p>

<p>3.4 with 6 AP's at the number 13 high school in the country according to newsweek magazine.
My Essays I know are excellent, and I'm hoping my letters of rec are really good.
EC: Varsity Tennis, 4 years, team captain senior year
3 Time Scholastic Athlete (obtained 3.6 or better gpa during season)
Link Crew (12)
200+ community service
Unofficial job, started my own car washing business (it may seem odd but I have made a good amount of money)
Junior Statesmen of America Treasurer (12) participant (11 and 12)</p>

<p>I have shown more interest than I think I have shown in anything before this.</p>

<p>Do I really not have a chance? I know I could wow the admissions people at the interview but I don't know if I could make it that far.</p>

<p>bump to the very top</p>

<p>If you have good SATs then you'll have a shot at it. I play tennis too.</p>

<p>oh sweet, i played one varsity this year but im not nearly good enough for the emory team. anyways i got a 1450 740m 710v</p>

<p>bump pretty please!</p>

<p>I think you're in. I attended this admissions info session at emory. . .they're not that selective, and they can overlook one aspect if the rest are strong. Your gpa isn't all that great, but everything else is great. I think you're definitely in.</p>

<p>thanks for the good info man, anyone else</p>

<p>what are your sat scores</p>

<p>i reposted them it says 1450 above, plus i was national merit semi finalist</p>

<p>anyone else, possibly?</p>

<p>anyone, anyone</p>

<p>I hope so. My qualifications are somewhat similar and I'm applying to Emory, so I think and hope those qualifications are adequate for admission</p>