Emory ED 2

I heard that applying Emory ED 2 is the same or lower chances than applying Emory RD? Is this true? Does Emory ED 2 increase chances of admission or not? Thanks!


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Greater chance of admission than RD and less than ED1.

Ok, Thanks!

Some people might point out statistics which would lead you to believe otherwise, but I would ignore those. It relates more to the competitiveness of the applicant pool than it does to chances of a specific student. Many ED2 applicants were rejected ED1 at other universities, so it may be the weakest of the three pools. Still, Emory values motivation to attend (do not confuse this with demonstrated interest), which provides a bump to ED2 candidates. If Emory is your second choice, then ED1 at your top choice and ED2 at Emory. However, if your ED1 choice is nothing more than a long shot and you really like Emory, it might make most sense to ED1 at Emory, which would give you a much better chance.

The entire process of applying to colleges and coming up with strategies can be extremely complicated. Covid has also caused more uncertainty in applicants for the Class of 2025 simply because nobody has been visiting colleges since early March. I wish all rising high school seniors the best of luck in your process.


@ljberkow the wakeup call I needed. Thank you.

@theconcernedkid good luck with everything. You’ll be fine. As you go along, it will all make more sense.

thanks @ljberkow, can you better explain motivation to attend v. demonstrated interest? I’ve never heard that term/concept. Thanks!

Haven’t visited CC in a while, but wanted to double back on this one. Demonstrated interest is contacting admissions, visiting the school, going to college fairs, etc. Motivation to attend is more drawn through applications and explaining why you are a good fit for Emory. Obviously, applying ED2 shows more serious motivation to attend than RD. They know that you are committed to attending.

Decisions come out feb. 3 at 6 pm ET!!

Why is this thread so quiet???

Good luck y’all

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Looks like the ED2 rate was v. low this year too, just 14%, see

It also looks like they have accepted about 70% of the Emory College class via ED1 and ED2, based on the ED 1 numbers reported at

and what appears to be a typical incoming class size for Emory College of a bit under 1,400.

There is some uncertainty about how many of those admitted to both Emory and Oxford enroll at Emory but I suspect that at least half of these students enroll at Emory. Also, a few of the ED admits might not enroll at Emory for financial or other reasons.

Not many slots left for RD students, unfortunately!

did you take into account that they enroll around 4 times more people than they have spots for cus of their yield is around 25%. So it maybe around ~120% of their class.

Yeah, I did. It’s unclear how many students have already committed to Emory College through ED 1 and 2. The Facebook group for the Emory Class of 2025 only has 743 members, currently. I realize that not everyone admitted through ED has joined the group, but I would imagine a large majority has. Perhaps 50-100 haven’t joined the group yet? If so, there are about 550-600 open slots in the class. How many will they admit to fill these seats? Who knows, esp. this year when yield will be very hard to predict!