Emory emails

<p>I've received two emails, one from Emory and one Oxford.
Why do I receive the emails now? I thought they would only come before we apply and after we are accepted?</p>

<p>I've gotten them too. It's quite nerve-wracking to get these emails about all the opportunities that you have at Emory and Oxford when they didn't even notify us of our admissions decisions...</p>

<p>Most schools try to keep you interested in the school in the months between submitting your application and receiving your decision. It improves yield.</p>

<p>You could be flattered ...</p>

<p>I've received two mails from Emory College arts and scienses-.
Even though they were only brochures and minding mails,
I was very glad when i found them in my mail box .
Cause only Emory send these things to me, I really appreciated it.
Hope I get in !</p>