Emory EMT

<p>I got an email about this. Is it hard to get in to (for freshmen)? Is it worth it?</p>

<p>On the Emory 2014 Facebook group page, people have said that it takes quite a bit of commitment- you have to take a 12-hour class every other Saturday. I'm thinking of doing it anyway though even though I don't plan on doing premed :)</p>

<p>If you have a commitment, I think it's a useful thing to learn. Can be very helpful in real life.</p>

<p>It's worth if you plan on becoming an EMT at Emory the semester after you finish the class. It also looks good on your med school app.</p>

<p>I went to an EMT informational meeting and they said that, if I remember correctly, one Saturday a month you have a 12 hour class and then you have a 4 hour class 2 days during the week. Once you become an EMT, you have to work 8 (?) hour shifts. Although it seems like it's a lot of time commitment, the people who finish the training end up loving being an EMT.</p>