Emory Legacy

<p>Both of my parents graduated from Emory. Are they more likely to admit me? (I have scores and GPA within the middle 50% for Emory, as well as stellar ec's)</p>

<p>yes. you will be more likely to get in</p>

<p>Just wondering, I'm not applying npw or anything, that's a good bit away for me, but if my grandpa attended Emory law would that impact my being admitted? (He's still a member there, of the athletic facilities, I guess? He also attends the Emory Law 50+ years reunions and donates to the school, though not in huge amounts or anything like that.)</p>

<p>Yes. You, too, will be more likely to get in.</p>

<p>No...I disagree with the Legacy helping you get in. Many schools look at this Legacy and Tradition but I feel that Emory does not.
My grandfather graduated from Atlanta(School of Medical) right after it became Emory. My mother ,father, Uncle, Cousin, Great Uncle and brother all went there. My brother and tather who went to undergrad and Dental School there. My brother' son didn't get in and he had better than the average SAT scores that are admitted by Emory standards and he was a A, B student is high school. My mother and brother still give money to Emory. I am not sure that my brother has not given money since this happened.</p>

<p>My son had a 4.65 weighted high school average and had !00% Bright Scholars scholarship in Florida and he didn't get into Emory at first. I don't remember the exact score of SAT but it was better than the average and was in the upper SAT range to be admitted. He did clear the waitlist and he did end up at Emory and is on the Dean's List.</p>

<p>I did write a letter to Emory about the Legacy and why don't they look at it at all. When I wrote this letter, I sent a copy of my grandfather's OBIT. that mentioned Emory and how he was was a premier Surgeon in the South and operated even of some famous baseball players as well as Thomas Edison.</p>

<p>Their comment was that they didn't want to admit a student if they wouldn't be able to make the grades. My son was more than qualified and the Legacy doesn't matter at Emory. </p>

<p>Emory did not seem to take a look at him.</p>

<p>"More likely" does not mean guaranteed. </p>

<p>Plus, the better the school, the less predictable the outcome.</p>