Emory or Washington University St. Louis

<p>I love the programs at WUSTL but I am concerned it is too much of a red school for me. Emory is more of a possibility, but I don't like the location or programs as much. While I am planning to apply to both, I can only apply to one early and do not want to waste my early application on a school that is unrealistic. Can you help me decide whether I have a real chance at WUSTL or if Emory is my best bet?
My Statistics:
-I go to a relatively competitive private school in Florida- about 40 to a grade- our school does not rank.
- Unweighted gpa: 3.68
- Weighted gpa: 4.01
- Sat: 640 math, 800 reading, 680 writing- 2120 total
- AP's:
Language 4
Psychology 5
US History 4
Human Geo. 5
World History 4
Literature next year
European History next year
- Almost all my classes where honors or AP
- Sports: played varsity lacrosse 3 out of 4 years
- Volunteer
Humane Society every week
Went to Japan to help with tsunami relief<br>
- Clubs
Interact club 11th/ 12th grade
- AP scholar with distinction
- Honor roll every year</p>

<p>What do you mean by red school? Also if you aren’t particularly fond of Emory, you shouldn’t apply ED there.</p>

<p>red= to much of a stretch school- to difficult for me to get into+ I like Emory, I just don’t love it as much as wustl</p>

<p>WUSTL is a school that values demonstrated interest, so ED there if you can afford it.</p>