Emory Oxford, Agnes Scott, or Davidson

I’m currently really struggling to decide where to go to college. I know I want to go to a smaller liberal arts school, but I also really want ample research, study abroad, and internship opportunities. I got accepted to Emory Oxford and this seems to meet all of my requirements, but I never got the chance to visit. I don’t know what I want to major in yet but I am interested in Environmental Studies, Sociology, and Creative Writing. Should I go with the cheaper school in the city but is also really really small will less than 1000 people (agnes scott), the one that is farthest from home but seems to meet everything I’m looking for(Davidson), or Emory oxford where the transition to the Atlanta campus after two years may be inconvenient and there is nothing happening in the surrounding town. Basically, is Emory worth it? Agnes Scott has a lot of perks but is it too small?

What are the costs for each? What is your family willing to contribute? It sounds like you will have the best of what you want at Emory. Many students love the small community of Oxford and the close relationships with professors, but the location is not ideal and it is pretty far from anything interesting. I don’t think the transition to the main campus would be difficult and the location is great. However, I am partial to the Davidson campus and the academic environment there.

My D is a very happy student at Davidson. It’s everything she has hoped for in college. Strong community, great profs who really care, high expectations, lots of resources, beautiful campus, warm and happy students, amazing facilities.

The location is a small very cute college historic town but there’s easy access to suburbs and the city of Charlotte.

Let us know what you think you’ll be studying – that might help.

Well it turns out Davidson isn’t quite as affordable as I thought which is a big bummer. I think I would have chosen Davidson if it was cheaper. The price difference is that at Emory I’d come out with $20000 in loans and at Agnes Scott I wouldn’t. My parents are going to pay for everything I need tuition and other expenses wise but I will have to pay off the loans after college. I am really interested in a lot of subject areas but I don’t think I am going to pursue medical school. However, I really enjoy research. Careers I have thought about are becoming a lawyer or a professor but I am really hoping to use college to figure out what I enjoy most. Overall, I want a close knit community, opportunity to connect with professors, study abroad opportunities. I am just wondering if an education and degree at Emory- being exposed to a larger research university, thousands of more students, and getting to experience both the oxford and Atlanta campus - is worth it. Thank you for you help :slight_smile: I also will most likely want to go to grad school.

For an example of majors I am interested in are sociology, environmental studies, and English with minoring in Spanish. for example at Emory one major I like is philosophy, politics, and law.

Consider the actual COA (cost of attendance) per year at each school & go with the lowest cost since you are unsure of what you want to study & what career you want and because all three meet your other requirements.

If you are at all interested in grad school, including law school, choose the school where you’ll have the least debt.