Emory Political Science Professors?

<p>Based on your experiences & word on the street:</p>

<p>1 Which professors do you reccomend (and NOT reccomend) for poly sci? </p>

<p>2 From which professors can you expect to earn a solid "A" if you work hard and do all the assigned work?</p>

<p>That's tough to tell. Many classes have formal exams in addition to written assignments/essays/research papers. And I disagree with simply getting a solid A for merely working hard. The "hard work" should result in quality work if you expect an A .No one deserves an A for working hard if they still produce a crappy product. And if you think you do, you will eventually hit a class that will indicate otherwise. The social sciences here do not grade as easy as people would like to think, especially the writing assignments. Given that, intro. courses like PoliSci 120/110 tend to give some people hard times (many of my friends struggled and got low scores or ended up dropping. I've said this before). Perhaps avoid the court-related classes like Supreme Court and International Law. I've heard that these are quite intense. I loved Arab-Israeli Conflict. They actually give you exam prompts in advanced. Keep up with the reading (lots of reading per week. Can actually be quite a burden if the rest of your classes are tough, but no specific assignments other than that. However, there are so many sources thrown at you that it can be overwhelming in terms of trying to write a precise essay completely adressing the prompt given to you. Essentially, you should prep. for the essay in advanced) and know how to write well (w/in 1.5-2hr period), and you'll do well. Probably an A. </p>

<p>Good luck! Hopefully I am wrong about my concern regarding your philosophy. And most profs. are pretty solid in the PoliSci dept. But I'll let a major advise you on this.</p>

<p>Perhaps EmoryGirl</p>