Emory pre-med chances?

<p>Hey everyone! I am planning on applying to Emory ED (pre-med) next year and I was wondering what my chances are. I go to a prestigious private high school. </p>

<p>I was a slacker in my freshman and sophomore years (at least for my standards) and did not really focus in school.</p>

<p>Freshman Year:
Spanish III: B
Honors English 9: A
Honors Biology: A-
Honors Algebra II: B+
Forensics I/II: A
Personal Fitness: A+
Honors World History: A-</p>

<p>(GPA 3.67 UW)</p>

<p>Sophomore Year:
Honors Chemistry: A
Spanish IV: B
Honors Precalculus: B
Honors Anatomy: B+
Honors English 10: B+
AP World History: A (5 on exam)
Photography: A
(Sooo many Bs)</p>

<p>(GPA 3.53 UW)</p>

<p>Junior Year:
AP Biology: A+ (5)
AP Chemistry: A (4 or 5)
AP English Lang: A (5)
AP Calc AB: A- (4, maybe 5)
AP US History: A+ (5)
Advanced Spanish: A</p>

<p>(GPA 4.0433 UW)</p>

<p>Combined UW GPA: 3.75 :(
Oh and weighted at my school is .33 for honors and .5 for AP</p>

<p>Hopefully Emory sees my increase in effort from sophomore and junior years because I really regret not studying at all.</p>

<p>SAT: 800 Math, 720 Reading, 740 Writing
SAT II's: not taken but I will June 5
ACT: 34</p>

-Captain of Debate team (next year)
-Captain of tennis team (10, 11, probably 12)
-Mu Alpha Theta (10,11,12)
-Strategy Games Club (9,10,11,12)
-Health Club (Secretary 10, President 11 and 12)
-Young Republicans (10,11,12)
-about 500 hours of volunteer hours - mostly at a hospital
-Shadowed a cardiologist for 3 weeks over summer
-Qualified for the AIME Math Competition</p>

<p>I know my ECs are rather limited so what are my chances?

<p>You'll be fine chill. Most colleges are no longer looking for resume whores with millions of ECs. Plus, you are doing early decision, which technically increases your chances for admission. Your 3.75 and 1520 will do. Also, Emory probably doesn't care that much for SAT IIs. I guess you are doing that for other schools you apply to provided you are not admitted (which you probably will). I would say, show some interest, but applying ED is normally enough proof of interest.</p>


<p>I can understand my cumulative GPA may be low, yet I do not understand why my SAT score would be a reason for denial. A 1520 is at least average for most schools. Also, after reading your other threads, I really do not care for your opinion. You seem like a person who enjoys getting on peoples nerves. Please leave this site because you seem to bring negativity here. Your tone seems very derogatory and I do not enjoy your presence on this site.</p>

<p>I know that I am new here, but I know how to consider opinions such as yours. Also, please stop trolling on the Emory forum. If you hate the school so much - please leave this forum because you are discouraging people to apply to this great school.</p>

<p>Lastly, Young Republicans is not what you think it is. At my school it is more of a club in which we discuss political ideas. You are completely misunderstanding the concept of the club. (in which I hold no leadership position btw)</p>


<p>Thanks for the feedback. I am pretty chill - I am just trying to get a better idea of schools I should apply to for next year.</p>

<p>1520 would put you in the 75th percentile, while the GPA puts you closer to the 25th percentile (then again, I don't think Emory is expecting 4.0, so as long as you are in the mid-50 of GPA, you should be OK). Hopefully the SAT guarantees your admission. If up and decided you were applying to Duke/ anywhere with 75th Percentile over 1500, there could be problems. Then again, it's probably presumptuous to tell you all of this. Emory's admission pattern could suddenly change. Just as the applications declined for the past two years, they could jump again. Also, I would probably be slightly concerned due to the fact that somehow the average SAT at Emory increased in the applicant pool (I cannot tell you who will be enrolling yet) for class of 2014 even though applications declined. I have no idea what that means. Plus I see signs of some sort of a marketing campaign (I think the university realizes that this has probably been a reason for the decline. Emory is not as effective at Marketing as peers.) in the works. Just giving you a warning.</p>

<p>^wow... I'm hoping this poster is not actually an Emory Grad, but rather some troll who, for whatever reason, wants to portray a bad image of Emory students.</p>

<p>I recommend just ignoring them. We should no longer respond to their posts. Just respond to the posts of people that have legitimate contributions.</p>

<p>I'm not sure about ED because I didn't apply that way or personally know anyone who did, but through RD, I'm pretty sure you'll get in. Most of your scores outshine mine, but then again I had a higher GPA. I don't know how I'd compare our extracurricular activity, but I think you've got an extensive list considering you've held positions as I had too.</p>

<p>Yeah, with a strong senior year and good teacher recommendations, you'd likely get in for RD.</p>

<p>Yaaah, now you'll get to call someone with a 1520 SAT and awesome ECs an Oxtard, or not because if they don't get accepted here for whatever stupid reasons, they'll probably get into another top twenty. Just one less "Oxtard" for you to deal with. Perhaps they'll more than likely get in at the school you would have preferred :p .</p>

<p>I'm sorry, but I have to take one last shot before my posts start getting deleted lol.</p>

<p>If you are looking for pre-med you may consider another school. It seems like the people that go to easier schools have a better chance to get into Medical school. Hard to believe but true. It comes down to a 4.0. Some of the Emory professors say, I don't believe in giving A's. I really don't think they know what they are doing to someone's future.</p>

<p>Go to a good school and make good grades. If you end up at Emory make sure your advisor knows what he is talking about. If you want to go to Dental School, some advisors can lead you on the wrong path as far as what classes to take. Make sure that you do you own research not what they tell you.</p>

<p>I was told at Emory's campus visit that Emory recalculates your GPA based on their own scale (the ten point scale) because there are so many GPA variants.</p>

<p>Why did we bump an (almost) two year old thread?</p>