Emory RD 2025

Hi everyone,
I didn’t see a thread so created this one for RD applicants!


I’ll get the ball rolling with my stats:

GPA: 4.49 Weighted (my school’s out of a 4.5 scale)
AP’s: APUSH (5) and Physics 1 (3) junior year, French and Calc AB this year
ACT: 32 (I didn’t submit since mine is on the low side of their 32-35 average)
EC’S: Had about 7 or 8 solid ones (including work, club, volunteer) and some more “one time” things, also a few awards, mostly poetry or school ones
Essays: Very good, in my opinion :slight_smile:
Rec’s: Great

Also, I’m a male from MO at an all boys Catholic high school if that gives more context to anything. I applied scholarship priority about 2 months ago, but I don’t expect to get into the Emory Scholars program.

I feel like my stats are on the lower side (like I tend to see a lot of people on here that have double digit AP classes, many extracurriculars, etc.) and Naviance put Emory as a “Possible” for me, so I’m not really sure what to expect. It is one of my top schools though, so fingers crossed!


i’ll also put my stats down :slight_smile: i applied to case western ED II since it’s my top school (i got deferred because of yield protection) but anyways

GPA: 4.080 W 3.927 UW (4.0 scale)
Class Rank: 10/387
APs: I think a total of 10 and I got a 4 on APUSH and AP Calc AB
This year I’m taking Calc BC, Lit, US Gov, Bio, and Chem
IBs: 7 total (I didn’t take any tests tho)
This year I’m taking Econ
Honors Classes: 4 total
EC’S: I had some pretty good ones but we’ll never know (I had leadership positions in every one tho)
Essay: my common app one is amazing (not my opinion! my friend’s dad is an admissions officer at Rice and he read it and said it was really good)
Supplements: I guess they were good?
LORs: one of them was really good, the others were normal
ACT/SAT: I applied test-optional since most of my family members are in the high-risk category

good luck to everyone~ :slight_smile:


@notaddisonrae I’m sure you have a strong application, but you can’t claim yield protection since nobody knows for certain why they are deferred. Plus you didn’t submit scores so that means there are probably plenty of applicants with equally strong apps. Best of luck to you.


you’re right! I said yield protection because I’m on the cwru 2025 thread as well and on there we have a retired admissions officer from case and he told me I was most likely deferred because of yield protection.

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small update! I just got offered an alum interview and I saw on the website that only a small portion of applicants get the interview. hopefully, you also get an interview!!

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Hey y’all! I applied to Emory for RD, but I haven’t been offered an alum interview yet. Does this mean I wasn’t one of the few students who get offered an interview, or are they still in the process of offering interviews?

If you are sure only “few” got interviews, you shall be prepared for not having one. Right?

@nowhere2025 they are still in the process of offering interviews because on the website it said the latest you’ll be notified is early February. also @fnpony if you check Emory’s website about Alum interviews it says most people won’t get one but I do believe you should prepare! In my case, I didn’t think I would even get an interview but I did!

I treat interviews as fun time. If offered, I will do it. If not, I won’t be sad/worried.

I have completed more than 10 interviews (Harvard, West Point, Senator, etc…) and UPenn’s interview is scheduled for tomorrow. Good luck everyone.

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How long did it take you to get a request for an interview?

My Harvard application was completed on 1/4, and UPenn was completed on 1/5.


I applied to emory on 1/1 and my application was complete on 1/3. I got notified about my interview this past Saturday which was the 9th

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I think these college interviews are available in my area, so I got them quick.

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I think getting an interview also depends on where you are located. If an alum is near you, then getting an interview is easier than someone who doesn’t have an alum located near them.

@notaddisonrae It seems like that shouldn’t matter this year since everything is on zoom anyway!

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I completely forgot about that! In my interview request, the alum said she was near my area which is why I thought location might be a factor. With corona now like you said I don’t think it should be a factor!

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@notaddisonrae Oddly enough, my daughter got a request for an interview (different school) yesterday from someone local to us, and we live in a very small place. So I think at least some schools might still be following their usual process despite everything being remote.

Most probably! During my interview yesterday, the interviewer said she was in the same county as me so I definitely think that is still a factor. Good luck to your daughter!! I hope her interview goes amazing!!

Hey, I’ll join this thread now even though I’m kinda late. My stats are:
4.0 GPA (on 4.0 scale), 4.8 WGPA
1550 SAT
9-10 solid ECs
AP Gov-5, APUSH-4, AP Macroeconomics-4, AP Microeconomics-4, AP Lang-5, taking Calc BC and AP Lit this year along with 4 dual enrollment classes
Applied scholarship priority & got request for interview 12/18 (had interview soon after).