Emory Science vs. RPI Science (not engineering)

<p>which science department do you think is better in terms of helpful professors, in depth courses, and research opportunities? i've heard a lot of good things about both schools but not much specifically about Emory's Science programs and Rensselaer's Science programs. (mostly just hear about engineering at rensseaer)</p>

<p>I doubt many of us know that much about Emory's program, so most (if any) replies you get here will likely be heavily guess-based.</p>

<p>What kind of sciences are you particularly interested in? There are pretty big differences between science departments within RPI (ex. Biology vs Math), so lumping them all into the category of "science" prevents us from providing any specifics. Do you have some idea as to what you want to study, or are you completely undecided?</p>

<p>I am interested in this question as well specifically in the Biological Sciences at RPI. How does RPI's college of science compare to big state schools let's say? Like the OP posted, how helpful are the professors. From RPI's site I got the impression that their intention was to prepare students for graduate work. Any input is appreciated.</p>

<p>cell biology classes is taught by a Havard alumni - bio research opps are available right from freshman - NIH funding is less than state schools . freshman classes are large but smaller than state school. i understand from forum posts you are interest is in RPI/AMC 7 yr - that is a good track but since it is a very small group you may not get much inputs in this forum (only 15 were selected for 2011) . no inputs on emory ..</p>

<p>Thanks Jeroo - yes my DD has interviewed for the program but if she doesn't make the 7yr program she is still very interested in RPI. Apparently though she would only be admitted into the college of science because of the nature of her application. She is interested in BME too but she would have to start in the college of science. That is why I started looking at posts regarding their general science classes instead of their engineering classes. I think their programming is very good though because even at med school apparently the rpi students are in the top 20% of the class.</p>

<p>Admissions person said that she would have to check with the particular school to transfer into engineering and that some students double major in eng & general science majors.</p>

<p>If she doesn't make it into this 7yr program which is her 1st choice she has to decide btwn rpi, bme at u of michigan and Gt, and bioengineering at UIUC.</p>

<p>RPI strengthens are in eng and the 7 yr bs/md. Of all the feeder bs/md colleges to AMC, RPI is the toughest to keep the min GPA reqd as you have to work very hard in the sciences unless you retake some of your APs as part of your curr. There are premed students in RPI; however if your DD is looking for only premed she should look at a wider range of options in colleges. That being said, you are allowed 21 credits each sem and if she does not have the option for the 7 yr (which we hope she does), she can work with her adviser to decide on her minor/dual stuff. This is a friendly college and getting recommendations for med school should not be an issue (unlike some colleges which have quotas on premed rec letters !!) - but in this case you need to check about the number of med school acceptances from the premed track from RPI assuming that is her ultimate goal in life.</p>