Emory Transfer Fall 2010

<p>Thought I would make this since I didn't see one already.</p>

<p>Anyways, I'm incredibly anxious for my Emory decision, as it is my number one school. Admissions committee sent me an email asking me for my final grades. I'm praying!</p>

<p>lol, i still have to complete my app for emory... when did you submit yours??</p>

<p>hey colinrice I got the same email from Emory. It is a lot of extra pressure on my final exams that pretty much determine my term grades but I hope it works out for both of us</p>

<p>Already sent in my final grades, now just have to wait :(</p>

<p>@hookedongtown: I had my app submitted a while, maybe a week after they started accepting applications. </p>

<p>@desert_fox: Good luck on your finals dude! I got the email after my finals, luckily I felt pretty confident while taking them. I feel like it's an encouraging email- what I got out of it was is that we're not rejected and that our acceptance sort of relies on us showing consistency (I could obviously be totally wrong). Hope we both get in.</p>

<p>got a decision letter in the mail today. good luck everyone</p>

<p>got a decision yesterday, also on opus it changed my preferred email address! good luck everyone!</p>