Emory Transfer Fall 2021

Hi everyone,

starting this thread to discuss applications, questions, decisions, etc.

have any idea when decisions are coming out this year?

Or if we’ll receive an email in advance?

End of April.

Share ur stats people

Why don’t you do that first? :smile:

Applying for Junior Economics Major
Top 45 Liberal Arts College, Prep HS in East Coast
Postgrad plan: Investment Banking
GPA:3.6 Second and Third Semester GPA with 3.9+
SAT Waived
Also applying for:
UVA Econ
Boston College Econ
Notre Dame Econ
Cornell ILR

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Hi all, I’ve also applied as a sophomore transfer for the Fall 2021 semester:

Current College: Arizona State University Barrett Honors College

Current College GPA: 4.0

ACT: 29 (E34 R34 S25 M23) 31 Superscored but Emory doesn’t Superscore

Race: Hispanic

Major: Political Science

HS GPA: 3.0 UW (Struggled with some stuff).

Acceptances/Rejections So Far: CWRU (Rejected), Tulane (Accepted), University of Richmond (Accepted), University of Miami (Accepted).

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Is there a chance that decisions might be released earlier this year?

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who knows? fingers crossed though…


Anyone applied to GBS directly?

This thread is so quiet compared to others. Is it possible for us to receive a decision this week or next?

that would be awesome but i doubt it will be that early. it wasn’t last year and i see no indication that it will be earlier this year but who knows

we should know by April 30, but hopefully sooner! I wonder if they all come out on the same day or if it’s rolling

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Based on previous years’ threads, Emory seems to release decisions all at once and notifies applicants the release time a few days earlier

oh interesting! I wish they just released it as a surprise, less stressful that way imo

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Apparently they released decisions on 4/24 two years ago. So, who knows, there might be a chance that decisions release next week.

ahhhh I hate the uncertainty! Most of the schools I applied to said “by” a certain date instead of giving a specific date and the suspense is constant


I think that if we are to receive our decisions back this week, we will probably receive an email notifying us the decision notification date today or tomorrow.

It is probably next week tho

Anyone applying to Cornell