Emory Transfers Fall 2022


Are there any transfers here applying for fall 2022 admission? I am applying to transfer as a nursing student as part of a program that emory has with schools around metro atlanta. it’s early, but i figured that it’s been a commonplace to have a transfer thread around the end of fall semester.



I am applied to the nursing program as well but not through the program.

Honestly surprised there aren’t more 22’ transfers here

Hi guys, I just submit my app 5 days ago. Wish everyone goodluck at Emory!

what r ur stats?

I am as well but i don’t think that CC is as popular as it used to be and that’s saying something because i used it heavily in 2018 and 2019.

good luck!!

I forgot to add that i was accepted! 3.5 GPA, 1200 SAT, extracurriculars in reproductive health and political advocacy

awesome! congrats on getting in, by the way. Hope to see you there!!

could anyone on here chance me?
CA resident at a private VA college (due to an early college program, so TLDR I started college at 14 and, at 16, and am now a sophomore. I’ll have 60 credits and im not enrolled in HS. feel free to ask for clarification but Emory approved my situation haha)
Female, Middle Eastern (white)
College GPA: 3.73
ACT/SAT Scores: not submitting, I got 1200 3 years ago and didn’t retake

(AP/IB/Dual Enrollment classes, AP/IB scores for high school; also include level of math and foreign language reached and any unusual academic electives; for transfers, describe your college courses and preparation for your intended major(s)) Currently taking experimental psych and statistics, and have completed all gen-eds for my school alongside a few other major requirements.
(Include leadership, summer activities, competitions, volunteering, and work experience)
Not many as unfortunately I’ve had to work 30ish hours a week, not leaving me much free time.
Waitressing job (as aforementioned)
RHA president
Psychology TA
Internship with tech startup
Postion on campus to facilitate interfaith dialogue
Taught myself Farsi (heritage language)
University’s honor college
(Optionally, guess how strong these are and include any other relevant information or circumstances.)
I think my essay is quite strong as it details why I want to transfer (undergraduate research opportunities, professors, significantly more courses than current small college). Letter of rec submitted from my psych advisor, the professor I TAed for, other professor who likes me, my boss from on-campus job, and potentially boss from off campus job (not sure if I should).
I mentioned my college early entrance in the additional info section.

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3.98/4.0 Unweighted High SchoolGPA
4.5/4.0 Weighted High School GPA
4.0/4.0 College GPA
5 Leadership ECs
3 Community Service ECs
1 research program
1 summer school with college credits
1 strong recommendation letter

Was offered waitlist then rejected in last year’s Emory ED2 application

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woah nice!! how many credit hours do u have and what year r u?

Have 40.5 credits hours and currently a college freshmen

you seem like a very strong candidate, good luck!! why r u transferring?

I was attracted by Emory’s small knit community, academic resources in economics and strong alumni network.

same here, though im in psych so the strong research background of Emory draws me in as well. Are you in Georgia? I’m not but im not sure if that negaively/positively affects anything

I am in California, I thought since Emory is a private school. The in-state or out-state status will not have a huge impact on admission.

Yeah, their CDS says that it has a small impact (“considered”) but I doubt it’s that significant. I’m Californian as well, but I go to a VA college. My only concern with that is transferability of credits? However, I’ve heard Emory is great with making transferring seamless so i’m sure it’ll be fine lol.

i think you are right. Emory is not very picky about transfer credit like other schools, so if being admitted, I am sure that you will transfer most of the courses took in the previous college.

Just got an email from Emory saying that they receive my application and they will start processing the application at the end of February.

They accept Portage Learning, a website where you can take pre-reqs at a cost online. They don’t seem to be picky with that one, at least