Emory university chances?

Hi, I’m a rising senior in high school and I visited Emory last year and fell in love. i was wondering whether I should apply early decision or regular decision, considering my grades in 9th and 10th grade weren’t the best, and I know I can do very well senior year.
SATs: 2120; CR: 750 M: 640 W: 730, 10 on essay
SAT IIs: United States History: 700 Literature: 690
GPA UW/W: 3.7/4.0 (9th and 10th dragging it down)
Rank: school doesn’t rank, but top 15%
Senior year course load: AP English Lit, AP Calc AB, AP Latin, Honors Physics, Advanced Research History Course (school has a 3-AP limit senior and a 2 AP limit junior year)
APs: Biology (4) and U.S. History (4)
Major awards: Magna cum laude on the National Latin Exam, William & Mary Leadership Award, Nominated for Governor’s School for Humanities (wasn’t able to apply because my mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor and I wouldn’t have been able to leave for 3 weeks)
Extracurriculars: Varsity Soccer (8-12), Varsity Volleyball (9, 11, 12) Varsity Cross Country (10), Vice President of Student Senate (12), Feminist Club, Editor of Literary Magazine (11, 12)
Work experience: manager of a parking lot, babysitting, intern-type position at a music management company (though I was paid)

My essay will be good since writing is one of my best areas, and my recommendations will be great since I know the teachers very well and have performed well in their classes.
I’m also a legacy as my mother went there.

Thanks in advance for the help!

OH, I also attended Young Writer’s Workshop through UVa the summer before 11th grade, a prestigious 3-week writing camp; I also have Model UN as an extracurricular.

Emory: High match

Agreed, Emory would be a high to medium match for me, but I would most definitely retake the SAT to give your score a bit of an edge, and maybe try the ACT!

Chance me back?

@Termochi I’ve taken the SAT twice and just can’t seem to get my math score up, do you think it’d be worth it for a third try?? And sure!

Hmm… if you have already tried multiple times I would say try to focus on other parts of your application!

Best of luck.

try taking more or retake some sat 2s