Emory University Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission

This is so encouraging to hear about all the accepted students. I am applying regular decision and have very similar stats as those that were accepted. We are visiting the (closed) campus over Winter break from Texas. Thanks for submitting your stats. Its helps us regular decision have hope.

Friend’s child, 1540, 4.0 unweighted, NMF, strong rigor, decent but not outstanding extra curriculars, from Northeast, above average public school was denied. While nothing is to be expected, we really thought there was a strong chance of acceptance. Any more rejections out there - misery loves company and I’d like to offer them some company. Thanks.

My DD submitted ED2 application last night (1/1), but she hasn’t received her portal email yet. Does Emory usually send it right away or few days later?

It can take a little bit. The office wasn’t open until today so today would be the first day I would expect to see it.

Yes, she received it today:)

I switched my application plan to EDII after submitting it, and my checklist says I still need to submit the ED agreement. Where can this be done?

When my son did that a few years ago he printed out he form from common app and then uploaded as a supplementary document to Emory. He also emailed it as an attachment to make sure they had it and didn’t need a different form

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My DD was told that her midyear report will be ready by end of January :frowning: I’m afraid this will affect her Ed2 admission result as the decision will be almost ready by then. Do you think submitting the midyear report late will negatively affect her admission? What should she do?
She got her report card for her 1st semester but her midyear report won’t be ready as the school needs to finalize the class rank and such. This is so frustrating.

Emory is very aware the mid years come late. My son got in ED2 2020. His school sends mid years in early February. All should be fine.

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Hello, I received an email from Emory financial department asking us to login to Opus account. After my DD input her DOB and SSN, she got her Net ID and Password for Opus. However, Opus won’t let her login with her ID and PW generated by the system. It kept showing as “net id and pw invalid” We checked multiple times but they are indeed valid. Do you know why it won’t let her login?

When my son got accepted into Emory (he is graduating in 2024) there was a problem with his logging into the financial aid part of OPUS. Turned out he never got an email that authorized tha password (or something like that) making his credentials for the financial aid part of the portal invalid. He actually only had access to the admission portal. We had him contact Emory IT. It’s open 24 hours and services both campuses. They reset the account causing the password verify thing to send and giving him access to all areas of his Emory portals. I would suggest doing the same and they will be able to help get access.

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Any predictions for when Emory ED2 will come out?

On Emory’s website its listed as February 15th however in the past few years the results came out in the first Wednesday of February. So is February 1st a possibility?
Last year it was Feb 2nd and the year before Feb 3rd.

Emory will announce before it is posted and yes if ready it will be early. Typically a Wednesday 6

what about merit finalists for RD?


The scholarship finalists typically hear at the end of February about two weeks-four weeks after ED2.


This year they extended ED2 deadline to Jan 13th - wondering if that could impact the date decisions come out and thus, could be a little later this year?

I think that happened last year too though? It’s still reasonable to think that February 1st or 8th could be the date though.

It won’t change the outward date. It will come about by the date emory states. Sometimes it comes out early. Last year was not a year that happened. Too many applications. This year ED1 did not go early so chances are ED2 won’t be early either. RD was early last year. The yeasts prior all decisions came out one week early.

last year was feb 2nd, no?

I just went to check. I looked at Emory admissions blog. The ED2 link from last year is hidden. The RD was 3/31 and the ED1 was 12/15 (though for ED1 the new one is there) Since the link is hidden for last year ED2, I would guess ED2 may indeed be next week. But that is my guess. If it is next Wednesday it will be at 6pm. They will announce it the day before on all social media and on the admissions blog. An email will also be sent to let students know. Then within a few minutes of 6pm (after not before) a decision will appear (can also be exactly as my son’s was). Then they will
post on all social media that it is out.

As for was it 3/2 last year - yes I just went back and checked the social media. My daughter was a senior in HS last year so I was a little removed from the system. My son got in ED2 in 2020. His was also right around that time.

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