Emory University Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission

My DD school’s midyear report isn’t ready yet and when her counselor called Emory about the delay they said it’s okay to submit it by next week that they will wait. We were told that many schools haven’t sent out the midyear reports yet. So I believe the notification will be out by 2/15 as indicated in their website.

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I am almost one hundred percent sure that my son was accepted to Emory ED2 before his midyear report was received by the school. He also had a later arrival date but when Emory was ready the announced. I was once asked to do an alumni letter but it was really close to outcomes time. I called and was told to fax it and it would be looked at. It got in a day before the decisions.

Case Western did the same thing with my daughter’s ED2. Decision came out and then they revived the midyear.

So even with the application extension, lack of midyear reports from certain students, we can still reasonably hope for a February 1st result?

The upcoming Wednesday is a possibility but so is the 8th and the 15th. Simply stated Emory releases whenever Emory is ready. What you will be is informed. The day before it will be on the admissions blog and all over social media. An email should come too though that didn’t happen for my son.

Ugh we are hoping for 2/15 notification because my daughter really wants Emory to review her last semester grades since she did really well and her class rank went up. What a bummer :frowning:

I used to do emory alumni interviews. The school really is holistic. On paper my daughter is the better candidate but she isn’t a typical Emory student. Emory didn’t see her a the right fit (and they were right). She didn’t get in last year - note she only did ED to ATL. Didn’t want Oxford. My son wanted Oxford and he got in there. He is now a third year in ATL and it is the right place for him. He is a typical Emory student. I too was a typical Emory admit. If it’s the right fit for the class Emory wants then a yes will come. Both of mine without a doubt are at the right schools for them. Oh my daughter wants to be a Disney Imagineer the kind that does storyboarding. So CWRU is right she is a mechanical engineering and theatre dramaturgy student. She couldn’t do that at Emory. She would have had to do the 3/2 with Ga Tech and she really didn’t want that. My son wants to be a psychologist. He is majoring in psyche and music composition. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I majored in Biology and Religion. From that you can more see the typical Emory student and the not a perfect fit.

I always recommend if someone really wants emory then both campuses should be selected unless for some reason the person really doesn’t like Oxford. Two different committees - two chances for a yes.

My daughter applied ED2 to both Oxford and Atlanta campus as she feels comfortable going to either campus since her cousin (my niece) is in Emory and our relatives are in Atlanta that they can support her. Actually my niece is junior in Emory and her major is Psychology as well! My daughter hasn’t applied RD to many colleges as she really wanted to focus on Emory. She poured her heart out for writing Emory essays. Hope AO can see this throughout her application.

I will hope for her too. The school is pretty good at matching fit and both campuses without a doubt will help.

Where would Emory update when they plan on releasing their decisions? On instagram? And would they tell us the day of or the day before. Also thank you very much you’ve been a ton of help in navigating these confusing dates.

Emory will update on all social media platforms - Instagram, Twitter, Facebook plus the blog too. Supposed to send an email also though mine never got it. They start posting about 24 hours before so around 6pm on the Tuesday. Though I did just look at the ED1 blog and it was posted really late on Monday night. They will give advanced notice because the school’s hope is that you will be home and not alone.


Here you go. Good luck.


Thank you so much! I suppose next year’s students can look forward to January 31st possibly…

You never know. But here is the blog link:

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I’m gonna be sick haha!! My school finally submitted mid year transcripts today so I’m so nervous!!

All it means is you have done what you can do and it’s now in Emory’s hands.

Emory has published the acceptance numbers for ED1 (not percentages but actually). How many total, how many to either campus and how many to both. It’s on their blog on social media and somewhere in my inbox since we get mailed it as alum. If you want to look at that.

If both campuses looked at ED2 you have given them the best chance to find a place (or two for you). If one was ED2 and the other RD you still have two shots just one will take a little longer. If you only apply to one then every once in a while people get referred to the other campus. 30 years ago this was referral was actually the norm - we applied by hand and filling in the Emory College app - not the Common App - (also note what I just called the Atlanta campus) did not also give us an opportunity to apply to Oxford College. That was another application so most only did one and then would get asked if they could be referred to the other of the committee thought that was a better way to go.).

Emory’s acceptance letters are also different. If both schools are in the same round then both schools will get mentioned:

Congrats you have been offered admission to Emory College of Arts and Science and Oxford College.
Congrats…admission to Emory… note you have not been offered at Oxford (or the other way around)
Any mix of the deferral, or WL or in the case of Oxford spring admit they can come up with.

It’s a lot to read.

If it’s both campuses expect students to contact from each to help you decide.

Truth is - and I am a proud alum and current parent, but I have also seen an Emory no letter to another child of mine. A rejection hurts. But to say it’s a redirection will always be more correct. Once my daughter really looked at CWRU thanks to Emory’s know she could see why CWRU was right for her while Emory was wrong. Emory is very right for my son and so was starting at Oxford. For me it was correct to start and only go to Atlanta. It’s the fit. Sometimes what we think is right may not really be the perfect fit. Because Emory has the two campuses with very different feels in general they are very good at looking at fit. Most of the applicants that get a yes will really belong there but truth is academically most that get a no also could succeed there. Only so many spaces.

For years it was 1000 per class at one campus and 250 per class at the other. Not so any more both are bigger (and an fyi my class was 1250 or something like that so it’s been a long time).

I am sure wherever you wind up you will succeed. For now I will hope it is emory with you.


My D applied RD but Early for Honors/merit. Long shot we know, but should we expect to hear something in about 2 weeks given the ED2 release date?

Anyone know if the initial notification with be Honors Invite or Defer to March only, or if there’s a possibility of Accepted but no Honors invite? Any info much appreciated. Good luck tomorrow everyone!

The scholarship decision tends to come out about two weeks after ED2. So yes you are right there. Before ED2 existed Emory had ED/Scholarship/RD decisions only. I was accepted into Emory Scholarship decision. I was not invited to scholars weekend. I have not really heard of cases like that over the past few years. It’s either an invite to Scholars Weekend or nothing. It’s not a deferral to RD. If the application is RD then it’s RD. Mine wasn’t regular decision. The actual decision was scholarship decision so more options happened. It actually came out when ED2 now does to give you more of a feel for it. ED/ED2 students today are also looked at for scholars weekend. They too will hear in a couple of weeks. Stating that in the case of when my son got in he did not hear. He heard and was accepted ED2. Nothing was updated scholars decision since he wasn’t invited to interview. I have heard of RD students who were asked to be considered for scholarships and also heard nothing during the scholars decision. They simply heard at RD.

So theoretically, yes, Emory could have a decision if not being invited to scholars weekend but it would no longer be the typical outcome.

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Any portal astrology?

Nope, Emory’s notorious for keeping everything under wraps. Just hope for the best!

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