Emory vs UNC chapel hill vs UCLA

I am an international student from India.
I am seeking an admission into US universities
I have been accepted at Emory, UNC and UCLA
I want to pursue a degree which is related to the field of economics and mathematics and which has good career prospects. So i narrowed my choices down to Finance.
Now, which of these three institutions would be the best for me.
Emory and UNC are contingent upon getting admitted to Goizeuta and Kenan Flagler respectively. Please discuss the respective chances of getting admitted.
UCLA doesn’t have business major at undergrad level, albeit the business economics major/Finanical Mathematics major.
So, which of these three choices would set me on the right trajectory which would stimulate my intellect and at the same time help me shape my career prospects the best?
Btw, i have also been admitted to :

  1. University of Virginia
  2. UC San Diego
  3. University of Toronto, Missisauga Canada
    Kindly help me as I am utterly confused.
    I am on the lookout for a career in finance so finance is my intended major with Economics/Accounting as intended minor
    What should i do? Kindly help.
    My long-term aim is doing MBA from a prestigious institution. But, that will come only after good work experience. So, which college and degree can set me up on that particular trajectory ?

All of these schools are roughly equal in terms of quality and opportunities for US students. As an Indian national, you will probably find more opportunity at UCLA, and it will be easier to travel back home. LA is just a bigger, more international city than Atlanta or Raleigh/Durham. Good luck!!!