Emory vs. UT Austin (Pre-Physician Assistant Transfer)

I am currently having a dilemma on whether I should transfer from Emory to UT Austin as an upcoming junior, mostly due to the reason of wanting to live and experience another big city while also wanting to experience a state school and what it offers.

I am happy and content here at Emory, good grades and amazing friends, but a part of me wants me to explore other big cities and experience a state school life. I am covered really well with financial aid from both schools so I am not focusing on that aspect and rather focusing on an aspect of culture and school spirit. Career-wise, both offer amazing opportunities for entering the health field so I am not too worried about that either. School prestige does not really matter to me as well considering its not that big of a deal in the health field. Also, I have friends at UT Austin so I should be ok social wise integrating in.

Would wanting to transfer schools to experience a new city and school culture be a good reason to leave? Or am I crazy?

Not crazy.

UT-Austin has a better football team.

If you are comfortable & confident with respect to academics & internships / job opportunities, then your desire to experience a bigger, more diverse environment makes sense.

Given what you’ve said about Emory and the fit it is for you, you would be crazy. That’s why they created grad school - choose another for your future schooling.

Let’s be honest - Emory has an Atlanta address but it is a “short” distance to Atlanta…but you’re not going to experience the town day after day like you could at UT.

Still, if Emory is working for you, finish out - and go to UT for grad school.

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PA school is competitive. If you are doing well academically, I would stay there. You will need references and I think its better to have 4 years to develop relationships with professors versus 1-2 years.

Your FOMO could screw you over in the end and I dont think the pros outweigh the cons here.

Finish school, get experience, and apply for PA schools in big city areas. There is no age limit to attend college sporting events.