Emory waitlist

<p>If money is not the issue, you SHOULD choose Emory over UF. Emory has some cons, but Emory's cons still outweigh UF's pros. Congrats, and I'll see you on campus this fall :)</p>

<p>^ I think Sensation means Emory's PROS outweigh UF's pros.</p>

<p>No, I think Sensation means even the worst of Emory tops the pinnacle of UF.</p>

<p>You are indeed correct, ashlast.</p>

<p>Just to see if there is any sort of correlation. Could you provide us with your EFC? I am curious to see if Emory picks students off the waitlist who can 100% pay for their school with not much aid. I know they say its need-blind, but it would be interesting to see the students who got in and analyze this data.</p>

<p>^ waitlists are not need-blind anymore. Colleges consider financial status in waitlist round, and waitlist applicants who apply for financial aid has 'severe' disadvantages.</p>

<p>^ In my opinion, its unfortunate, but, for colleges, its the efficient thing to do so accepting full pay waitlisted students makes much more sense, especially in the so called "financial struggles" that colleges are going through. I'm not saying that I'm in favour of such practices but this is what the colleges do.</p>

<p>My sources? I directly asked many admissions officers who visited my school (Princeton, Yale, Virginia, Michigan, Emory..) whether FA affects waitlist admission. They all say YES, and the reason is by the time they start to call waitlist applicants their FA resources are running low, so they prefer to get students who can get full tuition. </p>

<p>Of course, as to "what extent" FA affects waitlist admission is debatable, and will certainly defer among colleges.</p>

<p>well that's funny. My efc was ~5 grand a year.</p>

<p>Congratulations ashlast! just curious, anyone receiving weekly e-mail from Dean of Admission?? Does this e-mail has any sign for anything?(haha)</p>

<p>i don't think there's any sign....</p>

<p>i dont get any...</p>

<p>i get one every week... yet it is may 20th now... i don't understand why emory still keep us waiting...</p>

<p>Waitlisted</a> Student Information | Emory College of Arts and Sciences Admission
the WL was concluded =(</p>

<p>Don't give up hope. You can still transfer.</p>

<p>did anyone else get conditional transfer? how many people get this?</p>

<p>^I got the conditional transfer! :]
but I'm confused. Since I'm on the extended waitlist now, does that mean that I can still be rejected and not be able to go to Emory at all?</p>

<p>Being on the extended waitlist just means if by chance there happens to be a spot open up later during the summer you still want to be considered for the incoming class for the Fall. The conditional transfer, I believe, is you have to fullfill a year at another college while making the conditions set by Emory (gpa, etc.) and you can enter Emory as a sophmore next year.</p>


<p>Got patience?</p>

<p>Oh, ok. Thanks!
I saw "waitlist" so I was afraid that it meant another chance at being rejected lol
Could I get rejected after Emory sees my final transcript? My grades aren't bad, but in one class, it slipped a letter grade :[
This whole thing makes me nervous...</p>