Emory waitlist

<p>Has anyone gotten off the waitlist yet? or at least heard from Emory---the update letter?</p>

<p>logically, they would wait until after may 1, when their first-choice picks either accept or decline their admissions.</p>

<p>^ yes, what texasian said.</p>

<p>if the update letter is through email, then i just received one today. It talks about how the wait-list works and such.
By the way, does anyone remember when applying for this wait-list, did we have to input new information? Because I remember doing it, but skipping the "new info" part. Is there anyway I can re-access that page and input new information? such as awards I've won in recent months?</p>


<p>I am wondering about the same thing as well. Hope some one can help us out here. :)</p>

<p>I think new info includes a letter of interest, or your most recent grade. (Certainly any awards if you haven't mention them already). </p>

<p>Some colleges contact waitlist students earlier than May 1st (Chicago and Rice are already doing this), but I think Emory will wait until May 1st. Also, I personally think Emory will have a high yield, which means it will be tougher to waitlist students.</p>

<p>^sensation, so this means we would have to send them a separate letter? </p>

<p>cause I thought that i remembered an online page where you can update your info.</p>

<p>I don't think that it's required, but a great letter updating your status and expressing your love for Emory seems like a good idea right now.</p>

<p>I wonder whether there are people who got off the waitlist without calling or e-mailling additional info.</p>


<p>This is very important, so please give a minute to read my following post:</p>

<p>As a waitlisted applicant, sending a new letter of interest is NOT required. However, the chances are, you will not get off the waitlist if you don't send an additional info or a letter of interest. This is because waitlisted applicants are not ranked, and an applicant who shows more interest to their college will be considered first. Simply remaining in the waitlist and doing nothing will severely reduce your chance of getting accepted. </p>

<p>Few people here are worried about the method. It doesn't matter if you use the online page or actually fax/mail the letter. But just make sure they actually receive it. (Most likely, a regional councilor will contact you)</p>

<p>There are many ways in which you can update your application apart from sending an additional letter. This includes sending the most recent grades, new peer evaluation, new teacher recommendation, or a follow-up recommendation of the teacher whom you received the recommendation earlier. Doing ALL of these are NOT required, but a combination of an interest letter plus one of the above WILL increase your chance of getting accepted.</p>

<p>So good luck everyone.</p>

<p>I got off! Today!</p>

<p>Oh my gosh!!! Really?! There are people got off already?! Anyone else?
Btw, congrat, ashlast!</p>

<p>Thanks! They just started today though, so I wouldn't freak out.</p>

<p>congrats ashlast!!!!!!!!! ohh i envy you so much!! :)!! Can you tell us your stats??! please????~!</p>

<p>Do they notify over the weekend?</p>

<p>I was called yesterday, but I was not available to answer the phone. The person from the admissions office was calling "to see how my senior year was going." She also called my cell phone, left me a message and emailed me, asking to call her back as soon as possible (Monday when they are open). </p>

<p>Does this sound like good news? I'm extremely excited but don't want to get my hopes up.</p>

<p>Congrats on getting off the waitlist. Many schools have already gone to their waitlist like Rice... because Rice accepted too few students(I suspect to intentionally keep their acceptance rate down)... It'll be curious to see how many Emory accept of their waitlist this year.</p>


<p>hahaha, "how your senior year was going." To me, it sounds like you got off the waitlist. Congrats :) Call them ASAP so you can get your admit packet.</p>

<p>I'll let everyone know as soon as possible if the call is for getting off the waitlist. Now the hard decision:</p>

<p>Do I go to Emory or University of Florida Honors program? Money is not an issue and I've heard amazing things from both schools. I know that Emory is better academically, but does anyone have pros/cons for either?</p>

<p>Go to Emory... significantly better than U of Florida in pretty much every single aspect... If money is no issue, easily Emory.</p>