Emory's Goizueta Business School

I’m a senior in HS looking to apply to this school. I saw on their website that Emory students have to apply to the BBA program again their junior year if they wanna be in the program. If I am admitted, would I have to apply to the BBA program again my junior year? Also is Emory’s BBA program competitive to get into? I don’t know if I should apply for econ or business. I am happy with either I am just trying to get in at this point. Would it be easier to get in with econ or business?

Excellent questions; coincidentally I was going to ask just about the same for S24. Also what is the acceptance rate from those who apply sophomore year and whether there are any GPA or other requirements. I had heard Wake Forest had the same application process sophomore year and onl approx 40 pct got in, and that UNC and W&M had similar situations. If you are looking for a list of direct-admit business undergrad programs, there is a really good one on the College Transitions Dataverse.

About 75-95% acceptance rate and admissions are holistic

Oops I just realized I asked some dumb questions. Was just a little confused… :slight_smile: NVM ^^^^