End of a CATastrophic week

<p>One of our cats has always been DS's cat--many years ago cat picked out DS at the shelter in a way that he couldn't be left behind. Despite my worst fears, cat made it through freshman year without major trauma and was in heaven when son was home for over a month between the end of school and leaving, at the beginning of this week, for summer camp job. At which point, the cat fell apart. He's been squatting all over the carpetted bedroom hallway and in my walk-in closet to communicate his misery. And, if that weren't bad enough, the almost-house-trained puppy completely regressed and started squatting right next to the cat puddles!</p>

<p>Many thanks to whoever recommended EEEWW in a post sometime back. I just used it in the steam scrubbed, and it seems to have done the trick. Here's hoping that all my fur children are ready to recover emotionally and stop soiling our again empty nest.</p>