eng comp 3

<p>what happens if i don't take it this year? can they kick me out or something?</p>

<p>also, who's an easy prof for this? i had hewitt at the beginning of this quarter and she scared the **** out of me, so i dropped.</p>

<p>Really, there is no reason to get kicked out unless you violate a UCLA standard. You have the freedom to adjust the curriculum, but you eventually have to take Eng Comp 3 before you graduate.</p>

<p>(Though it is highly recommended that you do so in the first year)</p>

<p>Try Hewitt, Steinberg, McCormick, or Fallows. Easy A if you do all the work.</p>

<p>hewitt is easy? she told us we were to expect ds!!!</p>

<p>If I remember, her difficulty rating on Bruinwalk was below average. :)</p>

<p>Fallows is going to be the easiest from what I hear. All 3 of his papers are due at the end of the quarter, and you basically spend the entire class writing/revising them as you like.
I have a certain highly rated teacher but I'm going to withhold comment on him until after I get my final grade.</p>

<p>hewitt...is a he no?</p>

<p>he's the professor of germanic studies. </p>

<p>which hewitt are you guys talking about? I signed up for hewitt...</p>

<p>the british lady hewitt scared me so much after first class that i dropped.</p>

<p>oh ****, there are two hewitts.</p>

<p>a woman and a man.</p>

<p>oh crap.</p>

<p>moldau...you should have told me...</p>

<p>I am afraid...what should I do? I need english comp 3 for cluster.</p>

<p>and every class is full.</p>

<p>well get on the waitlist for another person? see if you can get in there?</p>

<p>i don't plan on taking english until fall 07 because.. because i like physics and chem and math more than english.</p>

<p>there are already too many waitlisted people.</p>

<p>is hewitt that bad? maybe she was just scaring you moldau.</p>

<p>i honestly don't know! maybe she was? but i had 19 units with that...</p>

<p>well it would be good for you if she was just scaring me. but somehow it doesn't feel like it. because she was also being friendly while saying things like that. she's like "oh your writing will improve for sure, but unless you are brilliant, don't expect anything greater than a b minus" and i'm pretty sure she was serious.</p>

<p>also, she talks about how she taught michelle kwan. her reader is excerpts from like black boy and that zora neale hurston short story thing about like her childhood and something about jazz (i honestly can't remember since i threw away teh course reader)</p>

<p>Hey English Composition 3 out of the way. It's not too bad of a class. I have Fallows and he's easy, but you still have to put in effort. It's 3 essays due at the end of the quarter, and lectures are pointless because he talks about random stuff (Southpark, Family Guy, etc.)</p>

<p>However, you have to attend classes, or else he'd know since there's only 20 seats in the room.</p>

<p>Anyways, there's two Hewitts. The male one is easy, and I don't know about the female. Moldau, trust me, if you have Fallows, it won't feel like an extra class. :)</p>

<p>the hewitt teaching eng comp 3 is adrienne hewitt. </p>

<p>the hewitt teaching german studies is andrew hewitt.</p>

<p>chill out. unless you are an english major stop stressing out and take it spring quarter or next year. they are NOT going to kick you out for this. Also, from what my friends tell me, most of the eng3 professors are not that bad. you may not get the easiest one, but its not going to be impossible to get an A (it never is). Not sure about your situation vega, but im hoping you will be able to take engcomp3 spring quarter. Otherwise, id just try and hack it out the best i could with hewitt. btw, i think she was kidding about getting a max of a B-. That is just ridiculous.</p>