ENG CS vs Non-Eng CS

Do the engineering Computer Science students get better career services or are more desirable in the job market? Why do most CS applicants to UIUC prefer Eng CS to CS+X in Arts and Sciences?

Because most applicants prefer to spend their upper level electives on more CS classes as opposed to the fields offered in LAS.

Career services are identical at the school. Who is more desirable in the job market depends in the job.

Employers don’t care which College within the school your degree is granted from; they care about your skills and whether they align with the position in question.

@YZamyatin -Which would the “elite” tech companies (Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, etc.) prefer would you say?

They prefer the best candidate for the job. These companies are in high demand and can afford to be picky, which is to say they will choose the best candidates (based on demonstrated ability) no matter what their conferred degree.

I don’t know any more than that.