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For a lab created diamond has anyone used Clean Origin? Son is looking at them and at James Allen. His gf really likes the idea of a lab created stone. He asked if I could find any first hand info.

Haven’t bought any lab created diamonds, but did buy DD a tennis bracelet from James Allen a few months ago. I am very picky about jewelry and was pleased with the bracelet. I did a fair amount of shopping both online and with my jeweler and feel I got better quality stones and a lower price at James Allen. I received good phone support and was happy with their return policy.


18 years ago, to commemorate the birth of our daughter, my husband bought me a diamond necklace (Yehuda diamond, lab enhanced diamond). I’ve worn it every single day (in the shower, while working out, in the ocean, pool, etc.) for over 18 years. Looks great and I get many compliments.


Brilliant Earth specializes in lab created diamonds. Yes, they are real diamonds.

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D1 has several friends that have gotten engaged recently and they all wanted lab created diamonds.

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Interesting. We had a discussion about this several years ago and some people were quite definite about not using a lab-created diamond for an engagement ring. Times change.

Seems to be the thing with S’s friends that have recently been engaged. I think the quality is even better than in the past and that they like the idea it didn’t come from the mines.

I think he pushed the button a few minutes ago and ordered what he wanted. They have looked together for ages and finally found what they want. He likes one a little different than his gf does but he is going with what she wants. Plain with a brilliant cut stone. He would like some smaller stones around it but she likes the stone to do the talking. They are going to use my mothers wedding band with 5 diamonds across it as their wedding band. My mom and dad were married for 70 years before they died so they feel it is lucky.


My DiL’s ring is from Bario Neal – conflict free, ethically sourced, estate sourced custom rings. her ring is not my style, but they love it

Blue. Nile, where son ordered.