Engineer major and working during the school year

Hi - Does anyone know of engineer students working during the school year, either on or off campus? Wondering if the rigor in the engineering program makes working during the school year too difficult.

Yep. My son and most his friends. It’s all about time management. He has worked since freshman year. The schools usually let you schedule around your school and test schedule. It’s also a way to meet people and gain skills. Employers like that your working also. Usually 10-20 hours /week is plenty. There are also fun jobs on campus. My son did referee for sports at college his first 2 years then went to work for a department at the University to gain valuable skills.

My daughter had jobs like front desk at her Lac dorm and no one came by. She was getting paid to study. Also she worked as a batista at a coffee shop.

Plus you can also have a social life on top of or all. Again, Time management

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Thank you!

@Knowsstuff - Are the on-campus jobs available to those without financial need (ie, not eligible for work study)?

My son went to Michigan and yes. There were just so many positions to fill but each school will have their rules. What type of school are you looking at. Smaller lacks might not have the same opportunities as larger ones but that never stopped my daughter. (she went to very small lacs