Engineering and a 27 act

I am applying to several engineering schools. I’d like to know of the best school to get into realistically. I’m in the top 7% of my graduating class. I like chemistry and math. I’m not totally certain on the major, probably ChemE, Materials Enginerring, or Biological Engineering. Looking for a bigger state school that I have a good chance of getting in and with a good reputation. Also, I am looking for a supportive environment as I might need to adjust my major during freshman year as I learn more. Any recommendations on schools and strategies to get into a good engineering school are appreciated.

Where is your home state?

How much can you and your family afford? Are you interested in a large public university or small private LAC? Urban/Rural? Preferred location?

We are in Illinois. Prefer large public university. Rural, urban does not matter. Mainly looking at midwest, but considering Colorado State, NC State, University of Utah, Kansas State, Louisville. Midwest favorites are Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio State, Iowa State.

Clemson? Temple? West Virginia?

Are you going to retake ACT? Have you tried SAT as well? If you can get 30+, you will have a much better chance at UIUC and they have great engineering. You probably need that for OOS public on your list too but in state school is cheaper.

What is your GPA?

4.2 based on weighted. Ranked 47 out of 650.

Your GPA and class rank look solid for most of the colleges you are considering. If you get a 31+ ACT, UIUC will be a Match/High Match, and Wisconsin will be a Match.