engineering and getting jobs out of state

<p>i was just wondering if anyone had experiences with getting jobs out of state (or out of the midwest) with the engineering department?</p>

<p>i've always dreamed on living on the east or west coast and i want to know how real those dreams can be. i am considering either computer engineering or biomed or maybe even nuclear. haha.</p>

<p>well biomed might be a problem because not many companies really need them. at last years job fair there were 200 companies, none of them wanted biomed. now youll be fine with computer. and youll get offers from all over the US so dont worry about that. idk much about nuclear. but you shouldnt really worry everyone gets offers from all over. a friend of mine is going to texas for his (oil company).</p>

<p>the biomed bums me out, but it sounds like no one really gets jobs with it :&lt;/p>

<p>this is not a problem.</p>

<p>If anything, the state of Michigan is concerned about all the brain-drain from their graduating students leaving the state for jobs.</p>

<p>I have two friends that did CSE and have already graduated. One is working in Norwalk, CT and the other is working for Microsoft out in Washington. It's very possible.</p>

<p>I had several Engineering friends at Michigan. All but one took jobs out of state. One joined the Boston Consulting Group in the DC area, one joined Schlumberger in Houston, one joined Cisco in San Jose, one joined Hughes (part of Raytheon at the time) in Arizona, one joined me at Lehman Brothers in London and one joined EDS in Tennessee. </p>

<p>The one who stayed in Michigan accepted an offer from Ford. She has gone back to school for her MBA (Kellogg) and is now working for Oliver Wyman in the SF Bay Area.</p>

<p>My friend who joined EDS returned to school for an MBA (CMU) and now works for Lockheed Martin in the DC area.</p>

<p>My friend who joined BCS decided to quite consulting after 10 years and has just enrolled at HBS for her MBA.</p>

<p>My friend who joined Schlumberger went for his MBA (MIT-Sloan) and now works for GE Medical in Paris. </p>

<p>I wouldn't worry too much about finding jobs out of state. Michigan Engineers are highly recruited. Companies come from all over the world to recruit the "Leaders and the Best!" hehe!</p>