Engineering at Berkeley, UCSD, UCLA

<p>I applied to Stanford EA, but I also want to apply to UCs since I live in California. I heard Berkeley engineering is hard to get into and about 20% of those who apply get in. I also heard good things about San Diego's Bioengineering program. My question is should I apply as engineering for my major, or go undeclared? Thanks a lot.</p>

<p>Unweighted GPA: 4.0
UC GPA: 4.3-4? (I haven't calculated it yet)</p>

<p>SAT I Math: 760
SAT I Verbal: 720</p>

<p>SAT II Math IIC: 800
SAT II Writing: 800
SAT II U.S. History: 740</p>

<p>AP Scores:
5 US History
4 Biology
4 Language</p>

<p>Extracurricular Info
Journalism Production Manager (11,12)
Orchestra Asst. Concertmaster (9-12)
Varsity Golf (9-12; Captain in 11,12)
Volunteer at Hospital (100 hours)
Mock Trial Attorney (11, 12)
CSF Life Member</p>

<p>maybe engineering berkeley is great for engineering and you exceed the credentials especially since your in-state</p>

<p>so you think i should declare engineering?</p>

<p>no put undeclared:</p>

<p>"Berkeley officials say some of the high-scorers lost out because they applied to highly competitive programs such as engineering. Others withdrew their applications or were from out of state. Berkeley accepted 98 percent of students with SAT scores of 1400 or better." -<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>umm dont put undeclared
if your not shure put enginnering undeclaired, but thats just as hard to get into as the harder engineering majors. If you want to do engineering you have to apply to the college of engineering. Transfering to an engineering major is very difficult.</p>

<p>Hrm, this is a little dilemma now. I want to do engineering, but my heart is not set on it. I still want some room to explore, but like socalnick and many other people say, it is very difficult to transfer into engineering if you weren't accepted into the college of engineering. However, to my understanding, if I dont' like engineering, I can always transfer out to the college of letters and science or whatever. I want to get accepted by Berkeley engineering, but like awakenedream and the article say, they turn down many of them with 1400+ SATs. </p>

<p>My question is now is what are my chances of getting into Berkeley, UCLA, and UCSD's colleges of engineering?</p>

<p>With a good essay, you're a sure thing at all of the UCs. Do declare engineering, much easier to transfer out than in.</p>


<p>UCB: Match
UCLA: Match
UCSD: Safe Match (Match for Bioengineering)</p>