Engineering at Delaware vs Maryland

<p>Really like Delaware campus and the price and location are perfect. </p>

<p>Accepted with Universiy Honors at Delaware vs Departmental Honors & College Park Scholars from UMD - College Park. Was also invited into Inventis program at UMD.</p>

<p>I think UMD is better because it has a stronger engineering dept (computer engineering).</p>

<p>Does anyone have an opinion on Computer Engineering at Delaware? How about any opinions on Departmental Honors or Inventis progam at UMD?</p>

<p>I know someone in computer engineering at UDel, it's supposed to be one of their best programs. This person was offered a well-paying job in computer engineering after graduation, so it can't be that bad. I don't know how it compares to the program at UMD though.</p>

<p>I am making the same decision but with civil. I think you can't go wrong with either school but I think the quality of life at Udel might win out over UMD
... IMO.</p>

<p>Delaware's programs are smaller in raw numbers and they have some new engineering buildings which is great.</p>

<p>I enjoyed my time at UDel. I thought of it as a big school (said as a positive with all the opportunities it offered). Now I realize that UDel isn't really a "big" school - when you consider MD or PennSt. Hopefully you've been to both campuses. They must have a different feel. Which is a better fit? My d applied to Del thinking it was the perfect size (not too big, not too small) but her friends chose bigger schools (MD and PennSt). I can't address your comp eng question specifically. Is there anyone you can ask in the field? At least you can check the curriculum guides for the 2 pgms to compare. Look at the # of classes and the course descriptions. Are they comparable? Not all programs are alike.</p>

<p>I wound up needing to take a computer programming class in order to graduate from Del. I had no interest beforehand, but it was a requirement, so I reluctantly took it after I completed an exchange program. My teacher offered me a programming job at her insurance company and I went on to a career that I loved so much, I couldn't believe they paid me to go to work.</p>

<p>So, go where you feel fits you. Work hard (Del eng. students worked hard I remember) but remember to enjoy yourself and discover who you are.</p>