Engineering at Duke, Carnegie Mellon, USC, and others

<p>I’m a male high school Junior. White.</p>

<p>PSAT: 207 (CR 62, M 75, W 70)
SAT: 2130 (CR 650, M 770, W 710)
GPA: 3.8 / ? (school does not weight GPAs)
Rank: ? / ? (school does not rank)</p>

Sophomore Year: World History (2)
Junior Year: US History (Expected 3), English Lit (Expected 3), Calculus AB (Expected 5)
Senior Year: Physics (Expected 4/5), Chemistry (Expected 4/5), Statistics (Expected 5)</p>

<p>...I'm not a history or English guy...</p>

<p>Community Service: By the time I apply, over 100 hours, primarily from tutoring elementary school students and at a local hospital.</p>

<p>Extra Curricular:
• Honors Society: 10
• Drumline: 10, 11 section leader
• Model UN: 11, 12 (some special position, dunno yet)
• Project Green: 11, 12
• Math Club (12)
• Jazz Ensemble (It’s a class, dunno if it can count): 9, 10 section leader, 11 section leader, 12 section leader</p>

<p>Going to major in engineering (mechanical, probably)</p>

<p>I’m also first generation.</p>

<p>Chance me for:
• Duke
• Carnegie Mellon
• Washington University in St. Louis
• Columbia
• University of Washington
• Any other engineering schools I might be a match for?</p>

<p>match for all except columbia reach and UW high reach if you OOS match if you In state</p>

<p>chance me
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<p>nothing else?</p>

<p>Duke: low reach
Carnegie Mellon: match
WashU: match
USC: match/in
Columbia: reach
UWash: match/in</p>

<p>As you probably know, Duke, Carnegie Mellon, WashU and Columbia are all very selective that can go either way for anyone, despite their (and your) exemplary resume. </p>

<p>You being a first-generation college student definitely helps though, and i'd say you have a very good chance at getting into as top-ranked university. Good luck!</p>

<p>I apologize for my lack of understanding, or perhaps just stupidity, but would low reach mean it's isn't much of a reach as you're close to being a match, or it's a reach with a low chance of getting in (farther from a match)?</p>