Engineering at Lafayette/ Harvey Mudd/ Swarthmore

<p>I am applying to colleges this year and intend to do my major in engineering. But, most LACs do not have a regular engineering course. They have a 3-2 program, which means that I have to study for 5 years. But my financial condition won't allow me to study beyond the 4th year since my father is going to retire at the end of my 3rd year and I would have to get a job right after completing undergrads.</p>

<p>But, I checked that Lafayette, Harvey Mudd, Swarthmore and Union are LACs but offer regular engineering course.</p>

<p>So, is this course better than the ones offered by universities (Tufts/Rice/Lehigh)?</p>

<p>And will it allow me to get a job after the undergrads?</p>

<p>Part of this depends on the type of engineering you want to do.</p>