engineering at trinity.. please help

hey, I am intending to apply this year to Trinity college in ED 2. I want to study engineering. However, I am worried about the engineering program at Trinity. Many people say that the students there are not specialized, and they are not able to study different fields. Is that true? I am interested in research and I want the environment there to provide me with research opportunities. If anyone knows anything about engineering at Trinity please help

A very high quality school with only 9% of their students reported as majoring in the STEM fields. The blending of LA into the STEM fields is a very positive trend as well rounded engineers who can think in an interdisciplinary manner are in demand. You might ask about their engineering placement history.

They offer both a BS and a BA engineering degree at Trinity. The BS degree is accredited by ABET ( Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) ONLY in the general field of physics/engineering.

There is a very wide variety of programs in the engineering fields including Civil (CE), Mechanical (ME), Electrical (EE), Chemical (ChE) and many others including Biomedical, Aerospace, Aeronautical, Computer Engineering, and Environmental Engineering.

Engineering programs require specialized facilities for these different problem areas.

What would your second choice of majors be? What would you like to pursue in the liberal arts? What sort of environment are you looking for? Do you believe in a successful merger of engineering and the Liberal Arts? If so, how can you accomplish that?

Check out WPI at Look into Olin: or Dartmouth @ or Brown @ WPI and Olin are highly focused on interdisciplinary approaches to working solutions on real preoject problems. Dartmouth offers more time for the humanities with a five year program. Brown offers a very flexible engineering program.

If you want a small LA school with an engineering program look at Union College @ and Lafayette @ Both of these colleges offer a wider variety of ABET accredited programs.


Thank you @retiredfarmer
Does this mean that If I want to be specialized in a specific engineering field, I should not to look at Trinity?
I am not interested in liberal arts.

I have already applied to Lafayette and got waitlisted; I thinking about applying to union coll
but I am international student needing significant financial aid

Admission in these fields is competitive. Your FA needs make it more competitive. If you can get into Trinity with the financial support you need, take it, but SELECT the BS (ABET accredited) program as this accreditation is important to many employers. You will have a BS engineering degree from a respected college.

You might review the Trinity website @ and hit on the red highlighted “careers in industry” for a general listing of careers followed by graduates who started with one of their engineering degrees. It would be better if you could see a listing of the job placement of last year’s engineering graduates rather than an historical hodgepodge of where some graduates ended up.

LARGE companies tend to hire for specific fields like ME, CE, EE, ChE These large companies will often recruit a range of engineers by coming to campuses where they have a range of engineering graduates to select from. You may have to hunt a little harder with the help of the job placement office because large numbers of companies are not likely to be recruiting on such a small engineering campus.

The school I am most familiar with is WPI. The foreign student aid program is explained at Even if you received aid, you would still need a $20,000 annual contribution to attend and competition for admission is about the same as Lafayette. WPI has engineering programs in virtually every engineering field.

Best of luck!! :bz