Engineering at Tulane?!!?!?!?!?!?

<p>As you can tell from the amount of question marks in the title, I have a ton of questions about engineering at Tulane. For one, I'm nervous about attending a university that isn't known for engineering. Are the engineering programs at Tulane up to par with the other schools? I'm planning on majoring in chemical engineering, but if I find out I don't like chemical engineering, I was just going to switch to chemistry. How hard is it to get a job after graduating from Tulane with a degree in chemical engineering? Thank you!</p>

<p>DS did the opposite of what you are describing- started out as a Chem major but switched to Chem E. I'll let you know how hard it is to get a job as a Chem E major in a few months! Hopefully it wont be hard!</p>

<p>I think CHEM E is one of the hardest programs at Tulane. It is plenty rigorous and I am sure that it places well into graduate programs. Most people I know in engineering are using it as a route to medical school.</p>