engineering chance?

<p>bio:asian male, in New Jersey parents make a certain amount of income(low)
english is my second language</p>

<p>freshmen-4.05 weighted
soph-3.85 weighted
jr-4.25 weighted
my school only gives weighted and no ranks
so i have about a 3.5-3.6 unweighted overall
and my rank i guess is okey since jr yr was good</p>

<p>i took 5 ap classes so far, but i prob did bad on all the exams sickness ahaha
but my sat subject exams were great, math 2-780,chem-790</p>

<p>my sats are cr-680, math 760, writing 710 </p>

<p>i also have a decent amount of ec's
pep/jazz band for about 2 and half yrs, had to stop, since my schedule didnt work
over 250 hrs of community service
captin of math and robotics team
interned at a university in a laboratory
honor roll,
honors service society
like 2-3 recomendations
highest math amc, and nj math league scorer in the school
missions from church
officer at chuch
treasurer and vice preisdent of the urban challenage club, where we help the less fortunate at camden
almost went to nationals in robotics, won regional,
won math league in new jersey and county many times with the school
national merit on the psats</p>

<p>i applied early, so hopefull i have even the slightest chance, they say they look at B+ ON HONORS COURSES WELL SO HOPEFULLY THAT CAN GIVE A BIT OF A BOOST? :)</p>

<p>Your credentials are solid. Your GPA is on the low end, but certainly still within range. I would say slight reach. If your unweighed GPA was over 3.8, I would have said match.</p>

<p>I hope you are not expecting too much aid from Michigan though. You stated that your family income is low. Michigan is not known for being generous with OOS applicants.</p>

<p>haha thank you ;) i really want to be accepted since i feel like if im deferred im screwed since senoir yr mp 1 wasent great for me ;p</p>