Engineering Classes

<p>hi, im an incoming freshman and im going into civil engineering, i was wondering if the math and sciences classes (Calculus, Physics, and Chem) are everyday or if there are some that are every other day or something similar...thanks</p>

<p>They're typically every other day. Your classes will be divided into "lecture" and "discussion." Lecture is when the professor teaches a large class; these are usually every other day. Discussion is when the TA teaches you; this is just one day out of the week and when you register for classes, you'll be able to see which day you'll have discussion. </p>

<p>If you're placed into upper level courses like calc 2 or 3, they're sometimes structured differently. For example, when I had calc 2, I had it mondays through thursdays taught only by the professor (no TA). But yes, your physics/chem/calc will usually be every other day with discussions in between.</p>