Engineering Colleges with high merit scholarships


I’ve seen some threads on this in the past, but they all seem super outdated. I’m looking for high quality engineering colleges that also offer the possibility of large merit awards. For reference, I have a 1520 SAT and a 3.92/4.61 GPA. I’m also trying to stay on the west side of the country (Texas or West). New England is okay too.

Any help would be very appreciated.

I would look at three schools, Arizona State, Utah, and Arizona, all of whom give lots of merit aid and all have good engineering programs.

UMaine, Clarkson (not New England but has New England “feel”)

Not all in west or NE but some ideas. You want at least a couple of Auto - merit schools so you know you have somewhere affordable in the bag - reduces the stress a lot!

Auto: means merit automatically awarded for grades /scores and is usually listed on website somewhere
Comp: merit is competitive, requires additional application and maybe interview, and / or is not transparent
Maybe: you’ll need to investigate!


  • Arizona
  • Arizona State
  • Utah (can get in state rates after 1st year I think??)
  • Alabama (Randall Research Scholars program also a bonus)
  • Alabama Huntsville (situated in nation’s largest research park)
  • Ole Miss
  • Miami OH
  • New Mexico
  • Maine (not auto merit but tuition matching)

Competitive / Not Transparent

  • South Carolina (Capstone Scholars, McNair Scholarship - v good!)
  • Clarkson
  • New Hampshire
  • Union
  • Trinity CT
  • Vermont
  • Colorado State
  • Colorado Mines


  • UT Dallas
  • Texas Tech

Thanks. I’ve already submitted an app to Colorado Mines (I got a fee waiver), but I’ll take a look at the others.